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The Game
  • The game is mostly economy based but pvp is also an option, rates are x25 and double in weekends, RS3 real content with all working skills, dungeons, bosses, Araxxor fully scripted, Vorago working 100% with Normal and Hard mode, Grand Exchange linked to website, custom content and dungeons, home teleports and custom commands, working tasks and much more. You may trade Bonds in game for GP to gain free membership, no need to use real money. There are various efficient systems running online to prevent macros and auto-clicking, play fair and enjoy!
    The host is a high performance dedicated server provided by OVH, paid in advance for a long time, we don't depend on donations.
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  • If you need help /ask in our general chat or use command ::guides. For full list type ::commands.
    To get the basics and a few details use our WIKI page, you will find most usefull information. The Wiki was relased in Feb 2017, we are still adding missing guides. You may always contribute and get rewarded for your effort.
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Current game time 12:43
Wilderness Warbands

Started at 12:06 game time
Event type Armadylean
Wilderness lvl 9 - 10

Next event will start at 15:06
12 Players Online
Baalberich less then a min
Catinguento less then a min
Drugdung 17 minutes
Dvdbas 36 minutes
Krob 2 minutes
Mvpsinister 11 minutes
Pskdor 35 minutes
R1234566 15 minutes
Tagga 36 minutes
Thisgee 36 minutes

Top Players
1.Xatthew 17,381,409,239
2.Buffalo 16,745,623,567
3.Nope 6,205,550,281
4.Nerrion 4,531,808,401
5.Semensato 3,714,555,189
6.Johncarroll 3,704,005,647
7.Ico 3,620,420,431
8.Superplaty 3,592,963,375
9.Keeperkelsm 3,345,282,786
10.Cinema 3,162,607,617