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    Use the new Game Account you just created as username to log in to the game.
    Both game and forum accounts share the same password even if you change it.

The Game
  • GangScape was released recently, on 8 Oct 2016. The server is eco, rates are x25 and double in weekends, RS3 831 true content with all working skills, dungeons, bosses, grand exchange, custom content and much more.
    The host is a high performance dedicated server provided by OVH, paid in advance for a long time with the following configuration:
    • 1gbps band for fast reliable connection
    • DDos protection for 100% service uptime
    • 64gb RAM to support 2000+ players
    • 12 CPU's for fast performance

The Owner / Developer
  • To view most recent fixes use ::updates.
    For management and developing is just one man team, 30 years old with great experience in hosting gaming private servers and fair coding knowledge in java/php/mysql/jquery. I have a lot of free time to dedicate it in to making this gaming community one of the best.
    We are hiring more mature and helpfull moderators. If you want to join the Team apply here and will review your application with our staff and the community members.

Let's start playing
Best Players
1.Divination 2,975,297,857
2.Yes 2,957,954,377
3.Zatox 2,300,056,826
4.Spliced 2,274,434,025
5.Timo 2,200,151,269
6.Forsak3n 1,850,261,415
7.Mayav 1,769,012,222
8.Emma 1,653,428,622
9.Pothead 1,564,967,060
10.Lig 1,552,537,977


Total members 4917

Newest member Ronald Rump


Total posts 1972

Total topics 549

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