Welcome to GangScape

Join the new Runescape Private Server

SERVER IS UP AND RUNNING - Released 8 Oct 2016

We are a new fresh RSPS server and we will be open for a long term.
The server is live and running. Click the Play button to join the game.
IMPORTANT: To play the game and download the client you must Register a new account.
Why? You can not login on the server to play until you create your account here on website.
To login use the new Game Account you created as in-game Username and the password you have set for your forum account.
Both game and forum accounts will always have the same password even if you change it later.

Server Host:

• Dedicated server paid for 3 months in advance
• 1gbps band for fast reliable connection
• DDos protection for 100% service uptime
• 64gb RAM to support 2000+ players
• 12 CPU's for fast performance

The Team

At this moment is just one man team and I plan to recruit mature help and developers to get the party going. I'm 30 years old with great experience in hosting gaming private servers, fair knowledge of java/php/mysql/jquery and I have a lot of free time to dedicate it in making this gaming community one of the best.

Server Features

To be completed later with a few images and text. Thanks for your understanding.