A few minor suggestions.
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    A few minor suggestions.

    by VienDois » Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:45 pm

    Here are a few quick suggestions/fixes I thought up, I tried to look to make sure these haven't already been mentioned, if they have, my apologies.

    - Fix the Withdraw all but one feature in the bank.
    - Add more Comp Cape requirements, as it's not meant to be a max cape. (You could sum up a few ideas, or take a community poll for suggestions. At this point in time, the cape is quite easy).
    - Fix runespan Telepad glitch (Three or four spots teleport you to coordinates out of runespan, it is hard to name them here due to the odd terrain, but I could cooperate and show them In game).
    - Fix divination EXP rates for adding only memories / energies and so on. (Currently the experience does not calculate properly if you choose another option when turning in energies / memories for divination, and you only get x1 exp).

    These are not necessarily important fixes, but they're minor things I think would make the game smoother. Thanks.

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