[review] Easy and useful suggestion list
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    [review] Easy and useful suggestion list

    by Raizel » Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:07 am

    Tan leather and other lunar spells, This would make the dragonhide drops from bosses actually be worth something and in demand as they are great crafting xp.

    Crystal teleport seeds, Easy to obtain and great way to teleport to home and around Priff instantly. Also Crystal tool seeds for crystal tools.

    Harmonic dust, to upgrade the dragon picaxe and hatchet.

    Ring of vigor and other Dung rewards, real useful ring for pvm nuff said.

    Asylum surgeon's ring, could be a boss shop reward extremely useful ring.

    Elven combination potions such as the Supreme Overload would be cool.

    Make charming imp have an option to consume charms and grant xp like on rs.

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