Pvm Addicts
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    Pvm Addicts

    by Emma » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:03 am

    Hi, I wanted to make a little home away from home, one of the clans I'm in on RS3, I wanted to introduce it to GangScape!

    Welcome to the recruitment page for Pvm Addicts! :)

    Clan ideals: To make a easy place to go to find competent Pvm partners for various bosses.

    Active Clan Discord.gg/uar7Mzp

    Currently there's only three simple rules to follow:

    Unacceptable towards fellow members or other players and will be acted on depending on severity. Banter is more than welcome but Sexual or racial harassment will result in a kick.
    Ddos threats or cyber bullying will result in a kick and report sent to staff.

    Please refrain from crashing where possible as it creates a bad image for the clan.
    Anti-crashing is fair game.
    Coordinator+ approval required for crashing other clans events.

    Trade scamming, lend scamming, or ls drop scamming will all result in a kick and added to the clan banlist + blacklist for known scammers.

    (All clan rules apply to the discord with same punishments.)

    People currently on the Blacklist:
    ImaJiggalo (Flaming)
    Forsak3n (Flaming)
    Mayav (Crashing)
    Yes (Disrespect)

    Requirements to join!

    Anyone can join, New members will receive a recruit rank until they decide their path in the clan, wether it be Skiller or Pvmer.

    99 in the following:
    Defense, unless pre approved pure account.
    96+ Summoning
    95+ Prayer, unless pre approved pure account.
    Access to Overloads and prayer renewals.
    One+ Set of t90 dps weapons (or all t80 weapons)
    One+ set of t80 or t90 dps armor (or all gwd armors, no war priest)

    Pvmers must pass one of these trials for a Rank up to Sergeant:
    (These challenges are not for the Elite they are just meant to gauge competency.)

    1: 6 Araxxor kills without dying (knowledge of mechanics).
    2: Duo Vorago in the bomb tank role with a Coord+ (minimal defensives, rely on soulsplit)
    3: Solo a 12 kill Nex trip without assistance.
    4: 12 ROTs kills in one inventory without blood barrage.
    5: 6 kill Kalphite King trip with a coord+.
    (No Vampyrism allowed for ANY challenges.)

    Completion of all 5 challenges is the requirement for General rank, general rank +one month active in the clan is required for Coordinator rank..

    While this clan does focus on Pvmers, we welcome everyone. Skiller ranks are as follows:

    1: 250m total xp required for probationary skiller rank (Corporal).

    2: 500m xp or two+ non combat 120s and one week in the clan is the requirement for the Lieutenant rank.

    3: 1,000,000,000+ total xp or 7+ non combat 120s and 1+ month in the clan is the requirement for the admin rank.

    New addition: Probationary new player rank, reserved for players who do not meet the requirements to join but are working on it. You'll be given three days to make the requirements, at the end of three days you'll either be kicked or given a full clan rank.

    Pm "Emma" or "Divination" in-game to ask about joining or post an application on this thread with screenshot of current levels/xp and gears, once approved please guest in the clan for an invite!

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    Re: Pvm Addicts

    by Emma » Sat Jan 28, 2017 12:16 pm

    Bump! Still recruiting :D

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