Dungeoneering Guide
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    Dungeoneering Guide

    by X Thomas X » Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:34 am

    So you wanna level up Dungeoneering an get those tokens out of the way for later on?

    Well i have a simple guide here showing you all you need to know to get the most out of it as soon as possible.

    Step one: home sweet home.

    Head ::home to the Portal that takes you to Dungeoneering. Located North-East from the middle.


    Step two: Getting ready for the trip ahead.

    Talk to the guy before starting an bank all items beside the ring giving to you because it doesn't count as a item outside of dungeoneering.

    Step three: Rushing floors!

    Ok here you'll be doing the 6 steps starting you out from one to six do all those first. When you're done leave the dungeon. Head back to the start an do all floors 1-30 either on Complex 1 or 4 its your call, We call these the rushing floors.. All 4 does is gives you more xp and guardian doors.

    Step 4: The big floors.
    Once you reach your 31st floor you're gonna wanna do them on complex 6 an the size of the floor being Medium . Be sure to open every door you can. DO NOT KILL THE DINOSAURS If you do you lose xp it counts as a penalty. You do not have to kill everything inside if you don't want to. only if its a guardian door that is. The slayer monsters don't req you to kill them if you don't have the level to do, so don't worry about that issue.

    Step 5: rinse an repeat the steps.

    If you reach a point an can't further on floors due to dungeon level. You'll head back outside, an prestige your floors. The more floors cleared the higher your xp out come will be, keep that in mind
    . Repeat step Three and Four over an over until you finally reach 99-120 dungeon. By that that leads us too....

    Step 6: Rewards!

    In the center part of the area you see a man that is willing to trade you rewards for all your hard work. I suggest getting everything thing you want an need. Tier 80 weapons, Charming imp very nice to have to collect charms for you on your travels in combat. bone crusher+demon horn = Prayer back. Fantastic for slayer/bossing if you have SS an so forth.

    That about sums up this simple an straight forward guide to getting 1-99-120 dungeoneering.

    If you have any more question feel free to contact me in game ill be more then happy to give you help.

    - sincerely

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    Re: Dungeoneering Guide

    by admin » Mon Nov 07, 2016 2:56 pm

    Rewarded, you put some work in to doing this :)

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