Mining Guide
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    Mining Guide

    by Benny » Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:30 pm

    Welcome to my mining guide I hope you find this useful :D

    (HUGE thanks to Hazer for helping me make the guide better)

    1-15 Tin Ore

    15-77 Iron Ore

    77-89 Gold/Coal Mineral Deposits

    89-99 Seren Stones

    Starting out (Tin ore) 1-15

    You will want to use the skilling teleports that ariane has at "home" select mining and then
    "varrock mining spot" this will take you right there


    Iron Ore 15-77

    Now you will want to go to the falador mines using the "Dwarven Mine" option in skilling teleports. once you go down the stairs find the three iron ore that are almost lined up together. Right next to them is a Dungeoneering Mysterious Entrance which has a bank deposit inside for easy banking. The mysterious entrance requires 15 dungeoneering to enter


    Gold/Coal Mineral Deposits 77-89

    Here is where you can AFK a bit. This area is called the Living Rock Caverns and is located in the falador mine at the location shown in the picture.


    Here is a picture of the main ore deposits you will be using during your time in the Living Rock Caverns.


    Be careful not to hit the Rock creatures for they can be deadly.


    Seren Stones 89-99

    Seren Stones are very AFK which is nice and can be found at home in the mining area.


    Happy AFKING And Gratz on 99 mining

    -Benny #1 failed skiller And if I got something wrong or if you do not agree with an item on the list shoot me a pm in game.
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    Re: Mining Guide

    by hazerofdoom » Thu Nov 24, 2016 1:05 am

    Nice Guide.
    You might want to add / change a few things.
    At the moment your images are broken because you're linking the Gyazo page and not the image itself.
    Add .png to the end of your Gyazo links to fix that.

    Also you might want to add the Ariane Teleport dialogues to get to these places faster.
    (Like the Skilling Teleports -> Mining -> Mining Guild, and Training Teleports -> Medium Training -> Living Rock Creatures to get to the gold mineral deposits.)

    Another cool detail to add is the Dungeoneering requirement to access that resource dungeon with the deposit box.
    (15 Dungeoneering required.)
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    Re: Mining Guide

    by admin » Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:44 am

    Rewarded, use ::claim
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    Re: Mining Guide

    by gangfight » Fri Nov 25, 2016 11:40 pm

    change seren stone to gold . and you wil have 99 smith after finishing mining XD
    and if you need pictures of dz mining spot let me know.
    i wil make them for you ;)

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