List of Bugs -> slight suggestions
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    List of Bugs -> slight suggestions

    by Emeil » Wed Dec 28, 2016 12:53 pm

    - Araxxor leg piece system is random i believe? For example, you could kill araxxor and receive a middle spider leg and the next kill receive a middle again. If this could be fixed so that the game checks to see which pieces you already have and will only reward ones you don't have.
    - Add the ability to take Beast of burden items from the summoning icon rather than having to right click them and take them out from the interface -> So BoB items can be taken out during combat easily like in RS3.
    - Beast of burdens should disappear on death of the player, they currently do not.
    - If training summoning, if you have multiple types of charms in inventory it will only show pouches for one of the types.
    - Tendrils abilities for ranged and magic do not work at all -> Not sure about melee haven't tested.
    - At ROTS if you have a full inventory you will not receive your loot. Maybe this could be changed to put all of the loot on the floor if the inventory is full?

    Also a personal suggestion as i saw a thread about clue scrolls, my opinion is that if these new dyes are added to the Boss point shop, which i believe they should be, i don't think you should bother with clue scrolls. Personally clue scrolls are one of my favourite things to do but i understand they are alot of work to do so i think many players would understand if that time was dedicated to fixing bugs and adding better suggestions.

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