Never underestimate prayer renewal potions
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    Never underestimate prayer renewal potions

    by zatox » Wed Dec 07, 2016 1:25 am

    after some test ive come to this result ( all the test were from 990 prayer pts to 0) :

    soulsplit + turmoil = 100 seconds

    soulsplit + turmoil with 30 prayer bonus = 100 seconds

    soulsplit + turmoil with prayer renewal only = 108 seconds

    soulsplit + turnmoil + renewal + 30 prayer bonus = 108 seconds

    soulsplit alone = 198

    Soulsplit with 30 prayer bonus = 198

    soulsplit with renewal only = 240 seconds

    soulsplit with 30 prayer bonus + renewal = 240 secondes

    protect melee alone = 395

    protect melee with 30 prayer bonus and renewal = 582 secondes ( thats nearly 10mins )

    what did we learn ?

    prayer bonus on item doesnt actually work! and renewal is pretty situational but, the lowest the prayer, the more effective it is.

    1. turmoil + soulsplit only get a 8% bonus duration when using a prayer renewal. ( 8 seconds, not worth it)

    2. soulsplit alone you get a 18% bonus duration when using renewal. ( 42 seconds, start getting better. but a prayer pot would give you a whole replenish of prayer points)

    3. protect melee you get 32% bonus duration when using renewal. ( 3minutes, 8 seconds, better than bringing only prayer pots)

    so to conclude,

    if you plan doing hard bosses, bring prayer potion instead of renewal.

    if you plan using soul split but not lv 95 prays, bring maybe 1 renewal for the sake of it but a flask could be more worth it

    if you plan using any protection, bring renewal. some bosses like dagannoth and tormented demon doesn't pierce through protect prayers so it could be the ideal option to use renewal.

    so its up to the players to decide. have fun 8-)

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    Re: Never underestimate prayer renewal potions

    by spofroze » Wed Dec 07, 2016 8:58 am

    you mean everyone should get a ac colour clicker set 40 second intervals to drink on ppots and afk :oops:
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