Revamped , efficient combat xp.
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    Revamped , efficient combat xp.

    by Defence » Tue Nov 08, 2016 8:57 pm

    REMADE COMBAT XP GUIDE! ;) (this was at the time of double exp , and i tested all this on my ironman "flash" :)) I tried to keep this as basic as possible as I didn't want to cover so much space , Feel free to pm me in game for more info "Defence" have fun!

    Remember to vote for Gangscape to get a vampyrism aura, will be useful!

    Cows are a decent way to get your stats up from starting , they give 1694xp with double xp. Along with that you should bury the bones you get from then in order to progress faster. The drops you can get is an air staff or a chargebow , this would be useful to gain skills in other means of combat.

    Lummy crater Spiders-
    Well many people are told to come here because they aren't very defensive and you can one hit them for nice xp too. Personally , i prefer to just do cows and get it out the way .

    Ogres give 7k-10kxp + they drop big bones which give you 10k xp , i'd recommend these with atleast 30s stats for faster leveling than cows. This is in the mid level tele. I don't recommend black demons or rock crabs at this point as they're very aggressive .


    Black Demons
    Well , black demons give 40k xp per kill on dxp , this can be great but you'd need to pray vs mage as they're very aggressive beware to die a lot for the greater good ;p As a nub you'd need armour too , i don't recommend buying rune as they drope rune pieces (not weps) which you can use.

    Grotworms are reletively similiar to black demons , But their rune item drop vary and I'd recommend to have atleast 55s to do this.

    Chaos Dwarfs
    I don't suggest these , but their drops are nice if you want to get future weps without having to dung for them. Chaos dwarfs drop hand cannons which are level 75 , useful for future range levels ;)

    Blue Dragons
    For these you'd need an anti drag shield as they do dbreath you >:o but with higher stats it can be decent xp rates , along with hide drops for you to craft into gear :D

    Well , this aint really xp wise but you can gain a lot of combat levels if you know who to kill , the "forgotten warriors" that use melee combat can give you 100k xp for a kill . But i'd suggest doing this for the weapons later on.


    So by this point you should have atleast rune gear with decent weps. I'd suggest get dragon daggers from the combat master , this will come in handy.

    barrows aren't decent xp but i'd recommend them for items you can use to level up. 40k xp drop on dxp. If you grind this long enough you should be getting nice gear in order to tank.

    These are tankyish , but their xp drop is nice 81k. With the draggon dagger on legacy you can spec them out for 1 kill each. (i've tested all this on my iron man)

    Black demons
    And again , i'd suggest back to black demons due to the fact their xp is so high and now you would be able to kill them faster.

    These are nice because they're known for their xp drops along with their boots , If you camp these for xp i'd suggest soulsplit or to pray vs mage.


    Rise of the six-
    ROTS are known for their amazing xp per hour rate , If you voted enough for the vampyrism aura i'd suggest you to use it here. But if not , pray vs melee and kill the mage/ranger first in order to have more efficient kills.

    This is for both drops and xp , this is an efficient way to get to 99 as armadyl can drop you armadyl items which you can use for pvm , you can only mage/range this.


    Well this is the melee version of armadyl as you can't train melee at armadyl , so i'd recommend this for the same reason , pray vs melee and gl. :p


    Hopefully , you have higher dung inorder to afk/camp for ages. Get a bone crusher with a demon horn necklace and pray soulsplit. But I said this for you to farm charms too , if you're already a pro dunger bring along a charming imp to be full on afk. From this you can benefit your summoning skill :) these are located in taverly dung.

    Frost Dragons-(85 dung)
    Well , if you have the required dung frost drags are a great alternative to options like gwd , Great xp and amazing prayer xp . I'd recommend meleeing these but any style is optional. And again , bring a charming imp as they are charm city.
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    Re: Efficient combat xp for starters.

    by No1 » Tue Nov 08, 2016 9:06 pm

    Nice guide
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    Re: Efficient combat xp for starters.

    by admin » Fri Nov 11, 2016 8:36 am

    Sorry for delay and thanks for the guide, you will get the reward on login or just hit ::claim and check your bank.

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