Ironman starting guide.
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    Ironman starting guide.

    by Mayav » Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:55 pm

    Gangscape Iron(wo)man guide by Mayav.

    This is a guide where i list the skills i find useful and where to find items to accompany these skills for ironman or hardcore ironman. This is not the best method for regular players cause they can use certain shops which ironman can't.

    1) Dungeoneering

    If i find any skill useful to level for an ironman, it's dungeoneering! The rewards you can get are insanely good, from useful items like a charming imp to make your life a bit better, to level 55 and 80 (chaotics) weaponry which is insanely good for ironman long into the game. It also unlocks different locations which require a dungeoneering level to enter but give significant upgrades from the regular location. (See this page for extra help with dungeoneering: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=156) (and this one for 99+: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=264)

    2) Farming and Herblore

    This explains itself a bit, start these 2 skills as fast as possible and try to upkeep them. do a few dung runs or slay a bit while leveling farming and make yourself some potions after. Even the smallest boost in power from a potion can help increase clearspeed and xp gains on an ironman, and can save you a ton of food.

    3) Fishing and Cooking

    Really afk skills to train, but really useful ones to have. With a fishing level of 40 you can get most basic food like lobsters already, a bit further swordfish and sharks await, it's a real pleasure to upgrade your food as quickly as possible as it will save you time you would usually spend restocking on food.
    You don't need to buy nets or any fishing materials anywhere as they're automatically added to your toolbox (except feathers and bait) (See this guide for more info: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=195)

    4) All combat stats and prayer

    Kind of logical that you need those but the places to upgrade items arn't always clear for ironman.

    --- Magic ---
    1) You can buy your first staff from Zaff in Varrock.
    2) I would recommend getting your new staff as a drop from tzaar creatures (level 30 staff).
    3) Upgrade your level 30 staff with the lvl 55 dungeoneering variant.
    4) Upgrade your lvl 55 staff with the Chaotic staff.

    --- Ranged ---
    1) You can choose to level fletching and take a smoother curve, or level ranged in dung like i did till level 55
    2) Same rules apply, use the bow you fletched or use the lvl 55 bow from dungeoneering
    3) Upgrade your bow to chaotic crossbows (level 80) and enjoy the dmg they output

    ps: You only need 1 Onyx bolt for your crossbows to work, so ask another player to kindly sell one to General Store and hf.

    --- Melee ---
    1) Smithing ... tons of smithing (this can be done in dungeoneering as shown in this guide: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=292)
    2) I prefer the dungeoneering weapons over most regular weapons cause they're safe to get and chaotics seem to do their fair share of damage anyhow.

    --- Prayer ---
    1) I'd suggest getting bonecrusher from dungeoneering as it will save you a headache picking up bones.
    2) Do regular dragons like blue or green for lower levels. If you can manage to do frost dragons feel free to go there for better experience rates and slightly better drops.

    5) Woodcutting and Fletching/ Mining and Smithing

    For these skills i'd suggest having some melee combat first, as you can kill Desert Strykewyrms for rune hatchet drops (pretty common from them) or even go for a dragon hatchet if you feel like getting that in your collection. For mining you can kill Steel Dragons to get a rune pickaxe and get this going aswell.
    After that it's just a case of leveling to make high lvl arrows and weaponry which you can use, although i do not recommend getting smithing up as it gives barely any decent rewards at this point.

    Special thanks to Bombtank for the smithing guide, X Thomas X and Spliced for their dungeoneering guides and Boemba for his fishing guide!
    --- Hardcore Ironwoman Mayav ---

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    Re: Ironman starting guide.

    by LucidDreams » Mon Nov 28, 2016 3:59 pm

    Pretty nice guide ! :D
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    Re: Ironman starting guide.

    by admin » Tue Nov 29, 2016 7:33 am

    Thanks, rewarded. Use ::claim.

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