Araxxi Guide (EoC mainly)
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    Araxxi Guide (EoC mainly)

    by pandera » Tue Dec 13, 2016 12:24 pm

    This ended up way bigger than intended and sadly I haven't made any guides yet. This is my first one so it looks a bit messy. I think the content is alright tho.
    If it's absolute garbage then just tell me and i'll remove it ._.

    1 : Intro (with video link, be sure to use it)
    2 : Stats
    3 : Inventory
    4 : Equipment
    5 : The fight
    6 : Loot

    °-° Intro °-°

    Araxxor is a big spider. Big spiders need big newspapers to smash so be sure to grab a weapon of tier 80 or better. I've been using the Chaotic Staff and it works just fine.

    Also, there is a video on Youtube on how to kill Araxxor on GangScape made by Yes. This helped me when I was starting out so i recommend you check it out.
    Yes, you're a legend man <3

    Also, I'm a mage main, you'll probably notice it when reading this, but even if you're not a mage it should still be a useful guide

    ~Recommended Stats~
    90+ combat skills in your style, 90+ Defence and 99 Constitution.
    92/95 Prayer
    Also, fighting him will cost you 100k every time. So stock up on cash, you'll get 150k if you kill him tho.

    °-° Inventory °-°

    So as I've mentioned, Araxxor will destroy that pretty little ass of yours if you come unprepared.
    Stuff I've been using:
    1 overload (you can buy these off of players if you don't have 96 herblore)
    1 or more Sara Flasks/Potions: the reason here is that 1 full potion restores more than food, but they're much harder to get than food aswell so i usually only bring 1 or 2 Flasks with me because you can combo eat them with rocktails/sharks/...
    Runes if you're a mage ... I've entered too many bossfights without runes in my inventory...
    1 full restore potion usually lasts for an entire kill, but if you're new you might want to bring 2 just to be safe.
    The rest of the invent is just full of food. I recommend sharks or better.
    A prayer renewal pot is also optional

    °-° Equipment °-°

    Tier 75 equipment is the absolute minimum, because warpriest armor is so easy to obtain there is no reason not to get it. I use ganodermic armor, subjugation armor will work just as well, I think... Haven't tried it really...
    Then you should also have a Chaotic weapon because they're beast. Or if you hate dungeoneering then go and find another strong weapon. For mages an Abyssal orb and Wand could serve as an alternative.
    A 99 cape or one of the fancy tzhaar capes in the cape slot.
    An amulet of Fury or if you don't have one i guess a Glory should do the trick.
    6th Age circuit in the ring slot, no ring of wealth, you'll regret it.
    I use the Vampyrism Aura but if you have a greater or supreme aura of Runic Accuracy (or its equivalent in range and melee combat) then use that one. Unless Raxxy destroys your booty, in that case stick to the vampyrism one :)

    °-° Entering °-°

    Before you enter, you could drink your overload (and/or prayer renewal pot) and bank it, and grab an extra sara brew or shark/rocktail/... (As shown in Yes' video)
    Then activate your aura and you're good to go :D
    Oh, but double check if your prayer is full, quickly sip a prayer pot or visit an altar if it isn't.

    *-* Phase One *-*

    OK, The big ugly spider you see before you will hit constant 1,000 - 2,700 hits so what i do is i activate mage prayer (he could strike with a melee attack or a range one, just make a gamble) flick on the 'Anticipation' ability and run towards the MIDDLE web, as far as i know, only the middle one works. Just click on it somewhere around the bottom of it and it'll ignite in flames. When you've done that you can fight Araxxor. Use Soulsplit and Turmoil/Anguish/Torment

    (or if you don't have 95 prayer, well then flick something else. Soulsplit is however one of the most useful prayers here so i suggest training up to atleast 92 prayer.)

    You won't be able to kill him here, when he reaches 0 hp he'll just reset to 10,000 hp.

    O_o Special Moves to watch out for o_O

    He has 2 specials, the cocoon and the self-covering-web
    Every 6th attack Araxxor may use one of these two abilities and if he used the cocoon once, the next one will very likely (if not 100%) be the cocoon again
    The cocoon is nothing special honestly, you get frozen for 3 seconds i believe and you take 1.000 ranged damage. While frozen you cannot switch prayers/eat/... you're frozen.

    The Self-Covering-Web
    This is a nasty ability. I've died several times because of this. Basically, Araxxor covers himself in a web that'll reflect ALL damage you deal to him. Be careful when using big abilities when he hasn't used it in a while because if he reflects a 9k damage hit, you die instantly. 100k down the shitter. That is the reason I've died a few times so be extra careful with this one.

    *-* Phase Two *-*

    The web has burned away so run through it. Use 'Anticipation' and 'Devotion' if you've got the adrenaline for it. Turn off soulsplit and turmoil or w/e you're using and start praying Mage (this is just a gamble again, he can attack in any style)
    Run through the green goop, onto the platform. STAY ON THE RIGHT SIDE. If you're on the left side Araxxor will get stuck and you'll be stuck aswell because he has to step on the platform for you to advance.

    If the eggs spawn, run over them. Trample those nasty things. Also spam ur food. You can use a normal food item (shark or w/e) in combination with a sara brew if you're in dire need. You can eat & drink in 1 game tick, but eat & eat will give a slight delay.

    The ground will turn green-ish and araxxor comes to f@*% you up
    Then run to the cliff, the rocks that block your way. just stand on the very edge, as far as you can. The rocks will fall and then you can click on the edge to jump over it. Be sure to stand on the edge after you trampled the eggs (if they spawned) otherwise the rocks may not fall, they have to fall

    Araxxor will have around 10k hp here so just finish him quickly.

    ^-^ Final Phase ^-^

    Araxxi will come into play. Araxxi and Araxxor have exactly the same moves and everything, Araxxi just has double the HP. When she's still eating her husband, use 'Anticipation' to avoid adrenaline loss. 'Surge' and 'Escape' can also be used for that purpose.
    Eat up, sip a prayer restore potion and kill the spider. you'll need around 15,000hp worth of healing supplies if using vampyrism and soulsplit. If not using those, then I don't know.
    When she dies, just click on the corpse, bank ur loot, right click the corpse and click leave.

    >.< Careful, Bugs! >.<

    When you've killed Araxxi be sure to step away from the corpse. If her corpse falls on you there is a chance you'll be frozen in place and you can't get your loot. You'll have to relog and that puts you in Priffdinas.

    Another one. In Phase Two, (I've already mentioned this one) If you're on the left side of the platform then Araxxor will get stuck and you'll be stuck aswell.

    -> Next kill ->
    Go upstairs in home and pray to the altar for your prayer points, then talk to a banker to resupply and heal up your missing health. Be sure to use a new overload for a new kill.

    \(°-°)/ Possible loots \(°-°)/

    150k cash
    You can get magic logs, yew logs, yew seeds, rune/addy ores, dragonstone/onyx gems (i think dragonstone, not sure)
    Spider bottom, middle, top < this is the good stuff, you want these.
    Spider web/eye/fang < even better stuff, you want these.
    Web = Bow, Fang = Scythe, Eye = Staff. TIER 90 weaponry.
    Araxxor also drops supplies for the next kill like sara flasks (6) super restore flasks (6) even rocktails sometimes

    Good luck! :D
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    Re: Araxxi Guide (EoC mainly)

    by No1 » Tue Dec 13, 2016 6:07 pm

    Very nice guide, thanks for referring to my Youtube guide. I have to stop being lazy and make a new, more detailed guide .. zZZzz.

    Thanks for contributing to the community!
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    Re: Araxxi Guide (EoC mainly)

    by pandera » Tue Dec 13, 2016 6:27 pm

    Haha thanks :) but i like your video, it's short and has just enough information to succeed and it leaves a bit of room for you to figure it out yourself. If you watch any other video on araxxor it's 20+ minutes, I ain't watching all of that :/ your guide is amazing :)
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    Re: Araxxi Guide (EoC mainly)

    by randomdudex » Wed Dec 14, 2016 3:21 am

    I would add that arraxor using his speacil moves after every 6th hit that is landed on you, and also he drops ovls and sarabrews which might be helpful so you dont have to buy more ovls.
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    Re: Araxxi Guide (EoC mainly)

    by pandera » Wed Dec 14, 2016 11:20 am

    I didn't know it was every sixth attack :o thanks for pointing that out
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    Re: Araxxi Guide (EoC mainly)

    by admin » Thu Dec 15, 2016 10:09 pm

    Ty for this guide. Please use ::claim as command in game or simply relog (check your bank).

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