General tips for Ironman/womens.
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    General tips for Ironman/womens.

    by jan12139 » Mon Jan 02, 2017 2:15 pm

    Hello everyone, I decided to share some Ironman/woman tips, that could help you out quite alot starting out and included some more advanced tips to help you as you progress. I will try to share some unique advices hopefully weren't mentioned before.The tips will be separated in sections. +sorry if I use funny expressions since english isn't my mother language xD
    Resources gathering
    Ironmans can't trade so gathering resources can be tricky. This part will try to explain some nice methods i found.
    -Great way to gather resources is thieving so its acctually good to start your account by doing it.Seeds can be obtained by pickpocketing masterfarmer whic are crucial to kickstart farming. He gives all types of seeds and is extreamly low req (level 38 thief). The second very unknown but insanely good method for getting coal,bowstrings,some herblore supplies,ALOT OF SUPER POTIONS,sharks is pickpocketing priff workers. They are one of best npcs to loot as ironman and are afkable. Super pots and sharks will greatly help you for bossing or slayer and will save you alot of herbs. The third way is to loot dwarf traders that drop all types of ores and bars. They are amazing to do since besides they offer fastest thief exp in game the loot can be used to make your own armour. The worth of mentioning are heros/paladins that give fire orbs that you can use for crafting battlestaves.
    -Rots are great way to gather resources for more advanced skilling since they drop some higher tier supplies such as seeds,battlestaves,black d'hides,rune ores, magic logs, cookable rocktails. They are essential boss to do if planning to skill and are fairly easy to do.

    Gear/equipment advices
    Ironmans will obtains most of their gear through bossing but you will need some gear to start up.
    -Blisterwood weapons are amazing to use at level 70+ since the requirements are relatively low. Its free and works like charm. To make them you will need 76wc and 70 fletching.
    -Level 80 the chaotics are one of best weapons in game to use and are the core to start bossing efficiently. You will require dung tokens to buy them and level 80 dung.
    -Warpriest gear is hybrid gear suggested to use since it is fairly easy to obtain. The highest tier of it is level 75. It can be dropped of godwars minions (the ones you kill the type of warpriest gear you will get).
    -vampyrism aura, that can be bought is extreamly convenient for iron players. It heals for 5% of all damage done by player and it can boost your combat activities alont making you more durable and you may last longer at boss.
    -If you want to buy dragon weapons, you can visit shop in varrock (im not sure if you can get them at home but i think not).
    The acctual general tips
    In my final part I will give some tips of gameplay and skills connectivity.
    -Personally i suggest to kickoff your combat by doing dung and unlocking your first chaotic. If you have longterm plan/goal it will be worth it ;)
    -Not rushing the combat as ironman is great idea since gathering skills can give you great predisposition in terms of supplies and gear.
    -Not so difficult but necesseary skill is farming. It can get very terrible if you level it up late since to level it you will automaticly have to wait for crops to grow. It is very important to start early.
    Last but not least don't forget to spend your bosspoints- The rewards are very good especially for iron accounts as trade is disabled and rewards can add up greatly.

    I hope this helped, feel free to drop some more if you have any bellow.
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    Re: General tips for Ironman/womens.

    by admin » Tue Jan 10, 2017 3:40 pm

    Relog or use ::claim as command. You should receive the reward in your bank. Thanks.

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