Flask (6) FULL Guide
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    Flask (6) FULL Guide

    by lig » Sat Jan 07, 2017 11:11 am

    Hi everyone, i'll show you guys how to make the flasks, wich is very helpfull to use when you are bossing or killing and need to stay in untill your resources ends, such as prayer potions, overloads and others, so flasks can be really usefull for a longer trip.

    - 81 Mining
    - 89 Crafting

    NOTE: You only can make 75 flasks every 24 hours, but you can buy the Red sandstone as well from players, or who has more than one account(sorry if it is prohibited, i wouldn't know) can make more.

    1st step: Mine the Red Sandstone

    Go to Oo'glog (open teleport screen and hit "O")
    Go all the way to east and you will find a akward rock (Pic)
    When you are full, just jump the wall on left and bank them(there's a bank into the village)
    you will be able to mine 75 of this.
    NOTE: They are tradeable itens, so you may wanna use a Yak to carry more of them

    2nd step: Turn into Robust Glass

    Go ::home and walk all the way west like the image
    Take the sandstone and go to the Robust Glass Machine
    Click on it and all will turn into Robust Glass

    Then click on the glasses on your bag to make the flasks.

    After that, to fill the flasks, you will need 1 flask x 2x potions(3) (I don't really know if potions(4) or (2)/(1) can fill the flask). Click on the flask then click on your potion (be carefull to not do that by the other way around and actually drik the potion), just confirm and done.

    A Hint: Put 9 Flasks in your bag then fill it up with the potion you will use, by the end will last just one potion (3).

    Hope it help you guys who didn't know hot do make it. Peace.
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    Re: Flask (6) FULL Guide

    by admin » Tue Jan 10, 2017 3:39 pm

    Thanks for the guide, rewarded, use ::claim or relog and check your bank.

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