Your beginners guide to Ironman/Ironwoman.
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    Your beginners guide to Ironman/Ironwoman.

    by Ironspooky » Thu Jan 12, 2017 4:32 am

    If you've chosen to go about going the Iron path be prepared for a challenge, your completely self sufficient

    Stores you can use as a Iron man.
    Bob -Lumbridge
    Jatix the herblore (Provides secondaries)
    - Port Sarim Fish store/Betty's rune shop
    Lowe's Ranging shop in varrock

    As a iron man the first thing your going to want to start doing is getting your thieving up.
    Teleport to lumbridge using your loadstone teleports and Pickpocket men to level 5-10 then go to ardy.
    Steal from cake stalls from 5-21
    Pyramid plunder from 21-desired level at the time would recommend getting atleast 38 for the master farmer located north of the ardy loadstone (For your seeds)

    Dungeoneering is extremly important as a iron man, and I won't sugar-coat it for you the first 30 floors aren't going to be that great, but floors 31-* With or without prestige's you'll get 25k-80k tokens.
    I would recommend doing dungeons through your farm runs, slayer task and slowly progressing to chaotics.

    Weapons, You can get a chargebow off cows in lumbridge you can use till you can make a maple shortbow which you can use till 55 ranging and upgrade to a Gravite bow --> Chaotic Ccb's.
    For melee I would recommend going to the scimitar shop in Al'kahrid and using it till you can upgrade to a gravite 2h -> Chaotics (All the dungeoneering might sound like alot, but getting the gravite's won't be a problem when you start getting to bigger floors.

    As a iron-man you gotta get your own food, so you probably need to set a goal of how many sharks, rocktails or whichever food source your going to use end game- and catch a certain amount every time your on, so they can build up.
    You start fishing in Draynor catching shrimp but you'll hit 40 in a matter of minutes, as the experience rate is 25x.

    Slayer I would recommend getting a jump on slayer early as its a good headstart to push your combat skills, and once you hit 95, you can kill Gano's for better seeds (Magic, Yews, Fruit trees) Better experience essentially.


    Your home is priffidas and if you look on the map at the loadstone theres a ladder icon, if you go upstairs theres a challenge master, and if you talk to her and you can get a task, they can be reset for 10k, and they provide experience in the tasked skill.
    Her shop also provides you with amazing skilling, and Good tier ring. Sixth age circuit.

    Well I hope I could help you a little bit on beginning a Iron man, or educating on what starting one would be like.
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    Re: Your beginners guide to Ironman/Ironwoman.

    by admin » Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:10 pm

    Use ::claim or simply relog and check bank.

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