Download CLient and Play
  • IMPORTANT: You do not have a Game Account yet. YOU MUST Register a new account to play the game.

    Download Launcher (Optional) Direct Client

    Launcher is designed to run with increased performance and keep you updated, ONLY in case it's not starting the game then use Direct Client.

    Easy solution: Launcher or client does not start

    Make sure you have Java or download the latest Java version and install it.
    If launcher does not start your client, try to Download Direct Client .
    Go to the folder where were you downloaded the client (usually C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Downloads), righ-click the JAR file and Unblock it: Unblock Jar File Runescape
    In case you get error "Server is updating" on login it simply means we are restarting the server to apply some fixes so please try again in like 5 minutes.
    If your client does not start updating and loading cache, first wait like 2 minutes close it and restart it. If this does not work then make sure your firewall or antivirus are not blocking the connection to our server. Try to disable one at a time, first the firewall then the antivirus for 5 minutes and retry to see if that is causing problems

    Quick tips

    If you need help ask in / chat. For playing tuorials use command ::guides. View also our full list of in-game commands .

Recommendations and Performance
  • Please make sure you have the latest Java version installed on your PC.
    For smooth performance while playing you should mute all sounds and set graphic details to Low or Minimum.
    To enable old style interface go to Settings > Game Settings > Legacy Mode (check box)

[MAC] Enable "safe-mode" upon launching
  • 1. Launch the client
    2. Wait till it says "Fetching updates"
    3. As soon as it says "Fetching updates" you want to press and hold down the "s" key on your keyboard.
    You'll know that you've done it successfully if you bypass the "auto setup" screen. You should now be directed to the log-in screen.