• 1. Offensive language, Flaming, Threatening and Racism Mute + Ban
    2. Cheating, Hacking or Scamming Ban
    3. Exploiting bugs or Botting software to gain an unfair advantage in game Strip + Ban
    4. Spamming or Advertising other servers or communities Ban
    5. Trading or Selling your game accounts Ban
    6. Inappropriate username Ban

    Please take a little more time to read the community rules explained in details:

    1.1 Inappropriate offensive language
    Using offensive language on any game chat or on forums is totally forbiddden. First you get a warnning, then a mute then a permanent ban.

    1.2 Flaming
    Topics, posts, PMs etc., that are directed at a single member, or group, to either defame them of their reputation, character or to simply insult, flame them directly etc., will also be considered harassment and disrespect. Since this is a simple rule, the first punishment will be two infractions the first time, next will be three, and the last will be a permanent ban from the forums.

    1.3 Racism
    Racism and Religious Intolerance found on GangScape will not be tolerated at all. If you are found being Racist or religiously intolerant you will be banned. This is both illegal in the real world, and we will follow the laws. Racism and Religious Intolerance will not be tolerated and handled immediately.

    1.4 Threatening
    Threatening members with ANYTHING will be an instant-automatic ban from GangScape FOREVER! You will NOT do such acts and it will NOT be tolerated.

    2.1 Cheating or Hacking
    Hacking, cheating or any other similar software used to gain unfair advantage will never be tolerated. You will be instantly banned from the our community and server forever, and never allowed back on GangScape again

    2.2 Scamming
    Impersonating a staff member or misleading links are to never be posted on the forums or in-game. If posting a link to a YouTube video, we expect it to lead to YouTube. Otherwise your account will face action pertaining to being permanently banned from the forums.

    3.1 Exploiting bugs
    Using a bug to gain advantage and not reporting it will lead to banning.

    3.1 Botting or similar software
    You are not allowed to use any kind of automatic program to gain XP, Coins, Materials or any other items. Your character will be stripped and you may also get a temporary or permanent ban.

    4.1 Spamming
    Trolling is not accepted on these forums, it's idiotic and immature, we do not accept this behavior and the member is eligible to be interacted on the spot depending on the staff member
    Posting in the correct board or section is to be done at all times, a little infraction that WILL expire could be handed out if excessive posting in the wrong board or section is done.
    Posts that do not contribute to the topic or the quoted text in that is in some form keeping to the main post is considered spam.
    Posts that consist of a single word (e.g. "support") will be considered spamming on the forums and a warning or infraction will be given per the staff's discretion; emoticons and pictures do not count as words. Videos and pictures are the only exception of this in their respective sections.

    4.2 Advertising
    Advertising on the forums is strictly dealt with, and an automatic ban from the forums will be given. You will not be able to appeal this offence. Those who have other situations that do NOT relate to RuneScape Private Relations can private message an Administrator for permission to advertise, otherwise ALL advertisements will be dealt with as the same.
    • a. Common known links (e.g. Google, YouTube, Topg, Rune-Server, Runelocus or similar neutral forums and top sites) is fine and will be commonly permitted.

    4.3 Links
    All links that are posted on the forums must be approved through a staff member. We do our best to maintain balance, and peace throughout this community. You must provide information about the link through a private message to the staff team and have it approved or declined. You will receive a warning if the link hasn't been approved. We expect all links to direct where they are supposed to be directed to.
    a. Websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Google (Google itself, not a direct FROM Google) etc., will NOT have to be approved.

    4.4. Encouraging
    If a player asks another player to do something that is against the rules, whether that player knows it's against the rules or not, that's considered encouraging others to break the rules. It is every member's responsibility to know and understand the rules before playing. The first offence will be a suspension and the second offence will be a permanent ban depending on the severity of the issue.

    5. Purchasing or Selling
    Purchasing, selling, trading goods, or services (accounts, real life items, RSGP, Microsoft points, riot points, other private server items for GangScape items etc.) will not be tolerated and action will be taken if it continues, we do not have the time for members to come to us and tell us that they've been scammed or hacked. We do want people coming at us as I said before, if we do not catch X member and end up being scammed. We will not be held responsible of the scam, or hacking.
    • a. Purchasing or Selling of any GangScape account will not be allowed on the forums. The ban will be permanent the first time with no chance of appeal, the second will be an IP-Ban.
    • b. Purchasing or Selling of donator status on an existing account is not allowed on the forums. Advertising that you're going to do so will result in a ban. Please note that we are allowing members to donate for one another and a member can be pair for doing-so (purchasing status for a member and then being paid 300m as an example).

    6. Inappropriate Usernames
    We will not tolerate inappropriate names that contain any vulgar language, hate crime, relationship to pornographic material, impersonations (mod, admin, owner etc.) or anything that would be considered inappropriate of any sort. Those who fail to comply with this rule will be requested to choose another username by a developer (the member will have 24 hours to respond). After he or she has not responded or refused the change, their IP will be banned and the account deleted.

    Evading Bans All punishments handed to members is the sole reason as to why a community remains stable. Those who evade their bans, and IP-Bans to cause more problems after being punished will simply be dealt with accordingly with harsher terms. You are allowed to create another account on the forums to appeal but do not bother to cause more problems than you already have prior, simply appeal the punishment and let us deal with it from there.

    Payments In case you get a permanent ban for breaking any of our rules you will be punushed as all other members, no expection. You agree to this once you use our web shop, no refunds will be issued.


    By logging in game or being on the forums (this being implied that you've already read the rules), you understand that you are responsible for your own actions. You understand that the rules stated above will be enforced at all times and the administration has the ability to further the punishment despite what it states above, this is the administration's discretion. We have permission to do what we want with your account as they are a property of ours and you are merely 'playing' on it. You understand that when a rule is broken, your account will be dealt with accordingly and fairly as possible through the system that we have made for the staff team and how people are dealt with.
    You understand that we the administration have the ability and authority to alter your account at any time should we have to or feel we must check something onto one's account and agree that requesting a refund after an administrator has made an X change is not made.
    You understand that the staff team is required to provide proof, however, we will not disclose a member's name (the one that reported you) if the member requests it. Many of the reports made in the report abuse board is hidden for a reason from others, however, we will do our best to provide the proof that we need.
    You understand that we are not responsible for what is posted on these forums (while we will take action after it's either reported or we see it) so therefore someone that has been infected through these forums by a third party or by someone of this community, it's not our responsibility but it will be dealt with. So this being said, we are not responsible for ANY damage made to personal property nor information being stolen. Per this section, you understand that inappropriate posts (as said above though, once it's reported or we see it - it will be dealt with) that a child MAY encounter such as pornographic material, promoting drug related topics etc., it's not our responsibility, this is solely the parent's role. All emails or PMs to us by parents will either be replied to with simple words, or ignored and deleted - make no mistake, we will take care of it once reported or seen.
    When reporting a member of the community you must provide a full screen picture of the client and computer. We will no longer be accepting reports that have been cut-out, cropped etc., we expect the entire picture to be there; if it's not then we will not deal with the report. If you happen to have a reason to report a staff member it needs to be video proof, we will no longer accept pictures as proof as it is very easy to falsify proof and we do not need unnecessary drama caused by that.
    You understand that donations made to the administration of GangScape are final, and the administration is under no obligation to refund such goods from our services. You understand that actions made by the administration for the donation system and processes are final, and no exceptions are made. You understand that there are little to no refund policies made unless done by an administrator member who can handle these situations themselves. You understand that if a donation is lost through a glitch - it will be refunded, however, if a member is hacked then you understand it is less likely to be refunded to not at all at the discretion of the administrator member (who can handle these type-of situations).
    You hereby agree and by agreeing to these terms and accepting to register on these forums, failure to follow these rules will result in a permanent removal from the community.

    Play fair and enjoy the game!

    Final note: These rules may be changed without any previous notification. Staff members may extend the rules to new various situation when required.