[v92] Update
  • Happy New Year 2018!

    Starting Jan 12 we will have a new experienced developer helping out upgrading our version to a newer one, new content, fixes and improvements to existing content.
    We also released a fresh community forum for Xmas, enjoy your time with us and maybe make new friends!

    Latest fixes:

    - added Motherlode Maw in Edimmu dungeon with rewards. Requires 10 crystal motherlode shards every 24 hours
    - added script for Penguin Hide and Seek server event, also adding it to ::events
    - added dialogues and rewards for Penguin event to Larry npc
    - implemented Evil Tree event with rewards. You must talk with Lumber Jack after killing it to get rewarded
    - added Lumber Jack npc with dialogues and to give rewards for killing the Evil tree.
    - Evil tree kindling is limited to 200 for normal members and +100 for each upgrade (eg. Silver have 400)
    - new command ::eviltree to teleport to event
    - new command ::events to view current events and status (will be improved)
    - Ironman and Hardcore players are now restricted to buy back items from General Store
    - auto-restart changed to 5 min delay, 10 min is a bit to much as no one can login while countdown
    - fix for rare delay on login shutdown
[v91] Update
  • - fix for dungeoneering smuggler shop + items
    - Smuggler dialog fix for trade option
    - Hooded max cape and Max hood fix for requirements on equip
    - implemented afk kick after 20 minutes of inactivity
    - fix for rare issue when player gets stuck online (testing)
    - proper close for dungeons etc. while getting disconnected
    - proper fix with error message to players also for rare issue while generating dung rooms
    - general fix for opening drawers and chests for treasure trails
[v90] Update
  • - dungeoneering invitation interface fix
    - fix for certain dungeons not generating right (Test)
    - more checks on rago instance controller (Test)
    - removed Clan Vexillum owner display (Temp)
    - adjusted the dung fix a bit, I may need some feedback if map gives any errors
    - fixed a rare glitch on bank tabs
    - more Nex combat adjustments
    - auto-restart timer set to 10 minutes after announcement (not 2 min as before)
    - redone dung rare crash fix with a bit of debugging
[v89] Update
  • - noted adrenaline and overloads are also untradable
    - Kalphite King should be immune to certain abilities
    - a few more null pointer fixes and installed some debugging while loading regions
    - (Temp fix) Vorago: will close instance if anything goes wrong
    - fixed a few region loads
    - fix for crafting Blood amulet of fury (effect does not work yet,needs more work)
    - (Testing) new way to generate duneoneering maps
    - (Testing) vorago player count check during battle + a null fix
    - more check during entry angle change
    - no surge in wilderness
[v88] Update
  • - fixed Duel Arena, added new RS3 interface and functions. Tested basic fight with Zira, you can teleport to Arena zone using Ariane minigames menu. To start a fight, once you are in correct zone, you get a challenge option while right clicking opponent player. Friendly and stake challenge works fine, item rewards are distributed as they should. If anything is wrong will be fixed after so please report if any bugs.
    - implemented special function to craft all 3 ganodermic armors (use flakes with item)
    - added Dragon, Zombie and Crystal impling spawns in puro-puro
    - another new spawn Black bears in Falador
    - fixed Scythe attack distance
    - implemented random shard drop for max skill (example Agile shard, Fletched shard etc). One shard has been added to all skills with chance of drop. In case you have no space it will be added to your bank.
    - similar to random max skill drop (prev row update) I implemented Golden rock random drop.
    - adrenaline potions and overloads are no longer tradable
    - fix for Dungeoneering doors requiring level higher then 99
[v87] Update
  • - switching combat mode limitations during combat
    - reporting bugs/player menu will close when choosing an option, also web redirect will ask for confirmation
    - Cave horror should not drain hp
    - slayer troll task will no longer count also toward rock crabs task
    - Ring of slaying (8) added to smelting, will require to learn the slayer ability to unlock

    Slayer Shop improvements, new options:
    - buy runes for Slayer Dart
    - learn how to fletch broad arrows and bolts
    - learn how to craft rings of slaying
    - learn how to deliver killing blows quicker
    - learn how to create slayer helmets
    - learn how to fuse rings of slaying to full slayer helmets
    - learn a new technique to attack ice strykewyrms

    Note: Some slayer learning options have not been tested yet.
[v86] Update
  • - Added in the ability to catch and loot crystal, dragon, and zombie implings (loot table imported from Wiki).
    - Nex combat improved, "No escape" damage should be increased, ice prison does no damange if you escaped and more.
    - Wydin dialogue fix
    - added Silverhawk feathers to Treasure Hunter, common drop chance
    - general fix for equiped items, Check / Check state / Check charges option
    - improved error logs, really useful for me to track existing errors
    - small fix on Bug Report web script
    - Silverhawk boots give 10% more Agility experience when charged and equiped. Each XP tick will also consume one feather
    - winning Silverhawk feather on Treasure Hunter will fill up all 500 feather charges, not just 1

    Fixed a few Null Pointer Exceptions:
    - Araxxor combat
    - when removing player entry
    - while opening clan vexilum details
    - while mixing certain herblore potions
[v85] Update
  • New bug reporting system:

    - added a new command to report bugs and other player abuses:
    ::report OR ::bug OR ::reportbug OR ::reportplayer (all open same menu)
    - updated player commands on Wiki
    - added new function for player reports on website: Report a Player
    - you may now report bugs using the new command or this link: Report a Bug
    - bug reporting requires website authentication
    - promoted one new assistant moderator

    Todo: List existing bug reports, status etc.
[v84] Update
  • Major server economy reset + bug fix:

    - money got reset based on playtime in minutes X 100 but not less then 200k
    - GE reset, if you had items for sale simply use ::claim to get them (in bank)
    - general fix for store prices
    - max cape and hood are no longer tradable
    - banned a few abusers, applied fixes also

    After this update economy should be stable and recover in quick time. Sorry for any inconvenience caused to fair players, this is for a better future.


    - promoted 3 more Moderators
    - added a few Bonds in GE from my account (first buyers, better price)
    - fixed voting, works fine again
    - Highscores show now only active players who logged in last 30 days.
    - Reactivate highscore for players who log online and are inactive.
[v83] Update
  • - fix for creating uncut hydrix (incomplete hydrix + cut onyx)
    - Zed: promoted to admin, item command and full banning abilities
    Both changes will be available after next restart.

    Server cleanup:

    - highscores: removed long inactive players
    - player files cleanup. This will speed up server restart as backup will take less time
    - GE Offers: deleted expired offers mostly for cleaned player owners.
[v82] Update
  • A few changes:

    - Double all bonuses for Easter active (will end on 18th)
    - server auto-restart set to 24 hours interval, every morning at 7 am
    - max XP per skill limit increased, cap was 200M now is 2B
    - fixed a few prices on Tokkul shop
    - new option on Ocellus to trade off-hand for main
    - Bob deposit in bank fix this report
    - server restart time is now @ 8 am
[v81] Update
  • New game client for launcher, just start Launcher to get it. This new one has most major crashes fixed.

    - Blisterwood weapon prices adjusted to normal
    - Fixed tp for Living Rock Caverns (Mining locations)
    - small fix to Falconry
    - some Clan Vexillum improvements
    - a few extra checks on Bank
    - (backend) more work in instance management
    - a few changes to Vorago
    - Bond update system fix for Supreme, small typo there
    - some experimental changes (no info on those yet)
[v80] Update
  • - fixed potion decant options at Jadix, you may now decant (4) to (3)s but you need enough space in your inventory. Also, decanting will remove all your empty vials.
    - improved/fixed a few Slayer teleporting locations/menu, also shows Wild locations now with red
    - adjustments to death event to avoid some weird situations while having a bad connection
    - made fixes to a few more house features like boxing gloves and arena, shelves, some dialogs and many more fixes to come
    - qbd and araxxor out teleport should lead back to door entrance
    - araxxor fight adjusted, it will require 10k or less health to break rocks see this topic and removed the spider spawn
    - white wolfs at gwd entrance are no longer aggressive
    - a few backend fixes, small changes, to many to write here, most important is boss instances management
[v79] Update
  • - Added Tokkul Shop in game. One NPC is now located near Boss Shop, at ::home upstairs, other normal npc's work also
    - new Member ranks: Obsidian and Supreme. Each come with great improvements to dmg bonus, xp, vp, and many more(view Shop page)
    - update to Diamond Members, all will have now damage boost of 1%
    - updated code for bond purchase menu and new donor rank bonuses
    - Fixed Tendrasil abilities: Shadow Tendrils and Smoke Tendrils. Blood Tendrils will be fixed a bit later.
    - Evil Chicken hydrix drops are now very rare and boss will be slightly harder
    - fix for TzHaar npc's bank option
[v78] Update
  • - Game mode Normal, Ironman and Hardcore will be now selected on character creation/customization page on first join.
    - changed welcome dialog to a simple one with a bit more updated and improved info
    - frozen key pieces should not drop outside gwd this report
    - dungeoneering trader repair item options fix this report
    - you will get in chat the list of materials required when building objects in house
    - fixed house telescope build this report
    - Flecthing Blisterwood animation fix
    - laying Hunter traps bug fixed this report
[v77] Update
  • Applied on last restart:

    - bank noted button fix this report
    - you may now clear your wardrobe using Clear functions this report
    - a few gfx animations fixes for certain mobs fights
    - added most of missing npc examines
    - dominion tower reward fix (forgot to copy)
[v76] Update
  • Web:
    - a bit of change to main navigation menu, Server category will contain: Updates, Wiki, Database, GE and Highscores as a sub menu

    Morning update:
    - completionist cape (t) is now possible to get view requirements
    - added lootbeam for most boss pets, if any is missing please let me know
    - a few more bank fixes for possible issues
    - rots and arax rare loots improved chance
    - Alchemy should not work on certain items and also price values are adjusted (major Eco update)
    - starting Vorago solo will have as result instant death
    - boss respawn time reduced to 15 seconds

    Evening update:
    - sorry I forgot to apply the fix for rots on last update
    - removed Dominion Tower from comp cape (t) requirements
    - spawned a few npc's in DZ for Thieving (in Summoning obelisk area), some mobs for Hunter, one more teak, one more bank chest
    - new moderator ranks, changes may be done after, so: Helper(no commands, just Mod icon) and Assistant (kick, mute, unstuck commands, Mod icon). These ranks will be assigned to new mods. Future promotions will depend on activity.
[v75] Update
  • Web:
    - Warbands location and timing added on side box

    A few fixes I did in a hurry, didn't had much time to work today:
    - new command ::warb will show current Warbands location and type
    - adjustment to rots reward drop changes made this morning
    - a few new slayer locations added
    - teleporting will require level with summoning when your slayer is 40+ (was 99 before)
    - new Mining locations on Ariane teleporter, Red stone and 9 others...
    - QBD platform damage reduced to 300
    - a few back-end fixes for slightly better performance
[v74] Update
  • - implemented new Slayer teleporting system, talk with any Slayer master to get teleported to your task location and start killing. You may choose various levels of combat on the monsters you will fight.
    - bit of improvement in Slayer task assignment by level of combat. Atm the slayer master will calculate your total combat with summoning just after you reach lvl 99. This is because some tasks don't have proper slayer level values and is to avoid getting a task that you can't complete.
    - fixed reaper issue with last update this report
    - custom NPC's should not randomly move while they are set to a fixed position
    - forgot a wrong value on Red Stone, Bronze members were limited to 35 per/day
    - Araxxor will give xp on death, that part was missing
    - some improvements to pets and familiars while following
    - fixed some issues while joining instances
    - adjusted some functions to avoid boss points possible abuse
    - Donor Manager Runecrafting and Hunter XP options fixed
    - a few performance fixes and some npc cleaning (back-end code)
[v73] Update
  • - Dominion Tower reward chest fixed and added missing rewards also this report
    - rewrote Reaper task reset and Red Stone mining, seems I forgot to reset the old timing values
    - reaper tasks were not giving correct amount of points, xp, this should finish the system 100% now
    - new tp locations on Ariane, Skills>Prayer and more to come...
    - Karil's Crossbow should be able to use Bolt Rack as ammo this report
    - Warbands are no more tradeable itens, only for your own user (by Lig)
    - New Teleport system at DZ, the old Advisor (penguins guy) now can teleport you to all the 6 areas in DZ
    - New Gold Pieces Exchanger on DZ, now you can exchange your stuck money into experience, with a rate of 10gp x 1 xp, avaliable for all skills ( Requires total level 1000+ and to be a member)
    - Now the NPC Trip Advisor is called Donor Zone Manager, DZ teleport and Gp/Xp exchange is managed for her, she also recharges your PRAYER POINTS

    Applied this morning:
    - Wilderness XP fix this report
    - KK should award boss points just one time and not x times party size
    - Full Slayer Helm upgrade 1,2 and 3 available this report
    - fixed Araxxor not giving boss points, also rewrote part of slayer task rewarding system to improve
    - added new feature Clan Vexillum, you may hold one in hand and one in inventory, works to place and read but will require future adjustments
    - RedStone should reset some old value hold this report
    - custom fix to Vorago, if for some weird reason it does not drop all weapon pieces you may still assemble the maul from just a part of them
    - small change to allow only me to trade in future with starter accounts, im or hcim
[v72] Update
  • - Lvl-6 enchant spell for HYDRIX implemented (by Lig)
    - Fixed Dragon Claw upgrade into Chaotic Claw bug (not getting 2 claws anymore) (by Lig)
    - Fixed ALL summoning pouches experience, this report
    - infusing pouches should stop when inventory is full, this report
    - War Tortoise will last 43 min, time corrected, this report
    - Orlando's stock amount increased to 10000 each item
    - Added Spirit Shards Pack to Summoning Store
    - Red Sandstone limit per day must now reset on 0h00 of game clock
    - Reaper Task limit per day must now reset on 0h00 of game clock, this Report
    - Granite stones now can be Split, Ex: i can split a 5Kg stone into 2kg and 500g stones (500g is needed to make Granite Lobsters in Summoning)
    - Fixed Kill count for PvP on Game Panel, now will count every time you kill or die at Wilderness. Also Item reward per kill enabled.
    - Game Panel improved, now it refreshes each 5 seconds, also implemented Reaper and Skill Tasks points on it.
    - Barrows Dye implemented and added at Boss Points Shop per 1,000 boss points (by Lig)
    - Seismics should show up in rare drop announcements
    - fixed Diamond member's issue when taking new reaper tasks
    - improved death event and behaviour, possible fix for multiple issues
[v71] Update
  • Applied a few quick updates:
    - Em3rge joined the Team as new Moderator (Happy Bday to Kayden btw, Party time!)
    - New WIKI page, replacing old Guides section, requires more work. You may contribute and get Mystery box as reward by posting missing guides.
    - A bit more info to Database, also fixed a few search related issues

    Server side:
    - added Sandstone, Maple, Teak and Mahogany in Member Zone
    - fixed Chaos Dwarfs exits and some NPC's there were missing or wrong
    - Vorago instance timer was not resetting right, fixed some objects clean also there
    - NPC drop during adjustment to system, may require a bit more work
    - server restarted, more updates later
[v70] Update
  • First, BIG thanks to Mod Lig for helping out with testing, info and the bugs list management so here we go:

    Most recent:
    - removing farming temp fix
    - removed some Exiled Kalphites from new KQ entrance
    - fixed kill counts for Kalphite Queen, Nex, Araxxor reaper task
    - new Reaper task WildyWyrm will reward 10 points
    - Araxxor will reward 8 boss points when opening the reward chest
    - Queen Black Dragon fight adjusted, will use the abilities in a rotation now, not random chaos like before
    - added item Queen Black Dragon Scale (Pet)to the drop table (very rare)
    - Divination cape should require level 99 to equip this report
    - herb only patch (disease free - Roof of Troll Stronghold) fixed this report >>Follow this guide to know how to use.
    - changed altar in DZ to blood
    - Gem Rocks in priff updated, they will give better gems including Dragonstone and Onyx

    Applied this morning:
    - fixed all gwd altars
    - Red sandstone mining per day limit changed by membership (see shop page)
    - Black guards at chaos dwarfs teleport, fixed hp report
    - fixed cooking using various raw meat for Sinew and Cooked meat as on wiki
    - changed deposit box to a bank chest in Member Area tree zone and re-added the Sawmill Operator
    - Jatix' Herblore Shop items quantity improved and added Mort Myre Fungus for Adrenaline Potions >>>Follow this guide
    - decanting potions at Jatix has a new option to chose (3) or Max doses
    - Araxyte egg (Mallory pet) added to Araxxor custom coded drop table, was missing
    - fixed stairs to go to Ourania and added a bank chest near altar
    - implemented ZMI Altar to make random runes. You get 5% more xp if using Master Runecrafter robes, extra rune output not implemented for Ardougne cloak as you have a chance for that already
    - some temp farming fix, will be reverted in future but will help fix bugged patches for some players. It can be annoying at this point for others as if click the cleared patch will instantly spawn some weed. As I wrote, is just a temp thing.
[v69] Update
  • - mod commands improvement (updated on private Staff forums)
    - Vorago face should not spawn twice and made a test fix also for some reported issue while finishing phase
    - angle update, character orientation (eg. gap jump at Vorago)
    - re-enabled cannon, u may now use it
    - implemented a new system to prevent auto-clicking, will be improved in future
    - bank improvements a few extra checks to avoid potential bugs
[v68] Update
  • - made a few changes to Araxxor, it should run fine now (re-enabled)
    - rewrote Falconry code and made it work, added teleport on Ariane also on Minigames > last option. You need level 43 to enter and no weapons equipped. Will require a bit more work on gfx in future.
    - fixed spell casting in Dungeoneering this report
    - fix for Full slayer helm, could not be equip this report This will also fix other items with same problem
[v67] Update
  • - new improved drop function to prevent un-noted drops this report
    - new damage formula improved, on old one the max was a bit insane and made game less challenging
    - fixed gwd mobs respawn issues, needs a bit of testing and need to finish boss minion
    - fixed issue, Severed hoof should unlock K'ril Tinyroth pet
    - fixed Araxxor issues and re-enabled, eggs will spawn at 3 squares from player and dmg is reduced to half for eggs
    - fixed Reaper Task count for Queen Black Dragon and Dagannoth Kings
    - added new reaper task, Araxxor
    - permanent blisterwood tree spawn in dz
    - Giant mole should appear back to surface after digging animation
    - finished removing duplicate spawns in gwd
    - fixed bandos altar, prayer and teleport functions this report
    - partial fix for Magic Imbue spell to create Mud Runes. It will make the max amount of your Pure Essence in one spell usage, has 12 seconds cooldown
[v66] Update
  • - Giant mole spawns (by Lig) and a bit of tp correction
    - gwd missing npc's added (by Lig), fixed some duplicates also
    - fixed all summoning scrolls making at obelisk, titan and a few more were not working
    - general fix for rs3 interface, some indexes were wrong (as for the sum scrolls)
    - removed rare shard and keystone drop announcements
    - fix for cooking raw bird meat, probably more to fix but will leave it for later
    - added Spellbook and Prayer swap in donor zone near holiday portal this suggestion
    - sextant added to players toolbelt update this report
    - Ascension Crossbow: Ocellus spawned in dz and home (upstairs near boss points shop)
    - Added new option to Ocellus to trade Main crossbow + 100 shards for one off-hand
    - Third-age dye added to boss points shop, price is 6k
    - fixed dye for all 3rd Third-age items
    - Sirenic scale and Ascension Keystons price changed to 100k (for lootbeam)
    - Dungeoneering keys, down on floor, should have a lootbeam for better visibility
    - new option in Voting Shop, you may now exchange 4 VP for 500k coins
    - Kalphite King will respawn inside the instance, no need to restart
    - changed default respawn time for bosses to 30 seconds
    - new Reaper Task system to fix kill count for kk, barrows, ascension bosses and vorago, more to go.
[v65] Update
  • - Special until Monday at 00:00 DOUBLE EVERYTHING! xp, drops, votes and boss points
    - New improved Launcher available for download
    - fixed drops display when you examine npc, it will show complete list and also organized by rarity
    - fix for soft clay crafted on fountain, item id was wrong and not working on pottery
    - new created players will receive 100k coins instead of 50k and a few better starter items
    - a few fixes and changes to trade that could lead to possible lost items and money
    - Orlando starting supplies will display more shops like farming... more will be added later
    - fixed pouch infusion process with correct interface
    - summoning scrolls infusion speed corrected (faster)
    - hunter xp is from now on double then normal, so it's 50x and 100x on dxp days (hard to skill)
    - reverted some tp change on Barrows
    - Construction should not require saw and hammer, already in the toolbelt
    - a few backend changes for npc movement, death and some interactions
    - added sawmill operator to member zone
[v64] Update
  • - fixed issue with spellbook not working in dungeoneering this report
    - thieving stalls xp and level adjusted
    - new menu on obelisk and summoning obelisk to chose Pouch Infusion / Summoning Scrolls
    - fixed Magestix shop and added basic items to start training Summoning
    - small fix on closing protective prayers
    - added Puro-Puro to Ariane Minigames menu
    - time between imp catching reduced to 10 seconds
    - fixed Estate Agent menu options
    - removed underground darkness interface, tick damage for no light and also started fixing a few ropes and stairs to exit
    - [Asc Dung temp disabled atm] Legio bosses should do now magic damage, also instance should close better
    - new Skilling > Farming teleport greatly improved with many more options
    - new Skilling > Thieving basic locations added in Ariane's teleport menu
    - Fixed most RS3 stalls for Thieving and Pompous merchant pickpocketing
    - Lobster Cage Fishing spot fixed
    - Robust Glass Machine RS3 interface
    - fixed Sand Pit to work on simple click, will also send message "requires empty bucket"
    - replaced Estate agent in DZ with a non-walking one
    - Araxxor Egg spawn nerfed dmg, also fixed correct instance teleport out and close
[v63] Update
  • - fix for collecting items from GE when not enough slots
    - Level up interface, needs testing, let me know if any causes problems
    - Divination interface should close when starting to convert, also xp is wrong
    - added a few Hunting locations on teleporter Skills menu
    - possible fix for hunter traps this report, needs retest
    - Araxxor improved and also fixed this report
    - Vorago not changing phase, possible fix, sry didn't tested this report
    - Pick-pocketing chance adjusted a bit, should be improved
[v62] Update
  • - fix for bald haircut display on character customization
    - general fix for an important game client crash
    - Reaper Dialog and Reaper Tasks fixed, rewrote the whole system with a bit of modification and improvements
    - Diamond Member benefits upgraded, price is also a bit higher, most important probably instant tp except wild, more xp, more vp to make it worth
[v61] Update
  • - Bank fix for depositing in to selected tab, If you find any issue please report on forums
    - Member Zone will give an extra 5% boost, beside your normal Member Bonus
    - Drop rates for Rare and Very rare items have been greatly improved
    - QBD re-enabled and made proper fixes

    - You may now view the list of players online with current session time and total playtime

    New Launcher and Client update, this one will work on most systems.
    If current launcher runs fine NO NEED to update.
[v60] Update
  • These changes are for website but will require to apply the following server side changes
    - implemented web metrics, basically you will see in a graph your level, XP for all skills, money, wealth, kdr progress from day to day. This info will be saved once every day for all level 100+ characters. The system will show all your data for your last 30 days. As it's a new system, you will see data starting from today.

    Server side:
    - adding total Kills, Deaths and KDR ratio, character status online/offline, last login date and total playtime to Highscores
    - fix for Kalphite King drop, fixed Shark drop also
    - new options on MrEx NPC to Downgrade to Normal player
    - new inventory Crafting item improvements (to be tested)
    - fix for Fletching bolt tips, some items were missing
    - fix for all Leather Crafting normal and dungeoneering one for all items with new rs3 interface
    - general Herblore improvements (to be tested)
    - new rs interface and functions for Tanning, added new item
    - general dialog fix for making items that require coins

    Web improvements:
    - autocomplete search for GE, Highscores and Database will show results from first input character (max 10)

    Database updates: http://gangscape.com/database/
    - item names, description and icons update
    - NPC names, description update
    - Drops display: Always, Common, Uncommon, Rare and Very Rare.
[v59] Update
  • - wilderness fix, will work as it should mostly but you will still not lose items here until fully done
    - general fix for correct ending encounters, dungeons and instances, may fix a lot of bugs
    - removed initial xp for entering Pyramid Plunder, will be no sense of spam clicking it now
    - general fix for npc movement, this should improve server health and performance
[v58] Update
  • - reverted death cost and wilderness until a proper fix to avoid other bugs
    - grand exchange low limit reduced to 30% of item price instead of 70%
    - fix for dungeoneering complexity, this will unlock interface for making certain items
    - dungeoneering summoning obelisk will show scrolls interface only if you don't a pouch and a charm
    - woodcutting in dungeoneering should finish the resource and not respawn the tree
    - runecrafting magic weapons fix for dungeonneering, was working right only if you selected right-click option 2
    - surge ability bug in dungeoneering while opening doors this topic point 3
    - gatestone, group gate stone and home tele from action bar fix for dungeoneering
    - new command for players ::empty, will require syntax ::empty 1, to make sure you will not delete your inventory by mistake
    - fix for wells/fountains functions, interface and the item making
    - lower level fishing locations added to Ariane taxi
    - training for low-level and medium teleport improved
    - cut the long dialog on server guide welcome
[v57] Update
  • - fixed potion drinking using action bar
    - fix for adding herbs and lighting the burners in Poltergeist Room Dungeoneering
    - Dungeoneering map rendering fix to avoid situations like reported in this topic
    - another no-clip issue fixed with stairs this report
    - again, Ascension dungeon fix, this time seems to be working ok but I have to redo the group or join system for it
    - Legis bosses should hit player inside and should not bug, related to previous fix and this report
    - Araxxor should do animation before casting the actual web shield spell
    - finished stairs fix to no-clip areas, if you guys find any left please make a topic with coordonates (use ::mypos)

    Client update:
    A new client and launcher available for download, this one has just some Java compatibility with lower versions. If your current client works fine no need to download. If, for some weird reason the launcher will stop and won't start client please download the .jar and .bat files from Play page and run the .bat. If you get an error please send me a PM and I'll help you fix it.

    Web update:
    - remember login, was not working after one logout this report
[v56] Update
  • - fix for Slayer masters this report
    - updated slayer rewards interface to rs3, will require more work to add all functions
    - ardy cape option menu, instant tp fix this report
    - keepsake keys fix, made a bad change on last fix for cosmetic preview requirements this report
    - fixed pouch infusion for more items, this also fixes this report
    - general fix for making items that requires 5 materials and also fix for level requirement (summoning level for infuse pouches was wrong)
    - disabled a few combat features in ascension dungeon for a test, will be easier to kill the bosses for a while
    - more changes to npc movement
    - fixed 70% of stairs (more work required) and this no-clip glitch this report
[v55] Update
  • - new client without snow released, launcher should prompt for download (optional)
    - ardy cape tele fix this report
    - rewrote part of ascension dungeon, was still bugged from yesterday fix
    - general fix for NPC movement, it should solve a few related issues
    - improved list of free cosmetics, added over 40 new free ones
    - cosmetics preview should only be available to members, applying them requires gold+
[v54] Update
  • - Ascension Dungeon - made a few fixes, instance was pretty bugged
    - rewrote part of item transportation and teleporting, can be abused
    - fixed Enchanting Bolts interface as RS3 and the items making
    - ring of vigor fixed to save 10% adrenaline upon ultimate use
    - added Teleport to all altars in donor zone at entrance Max - NPC Teshmezon
    - removed altars from max guild, replaced with DZ - NPC Teshmezon
[v53] Update
  • - Bonds menu update, new option is a nice surprise
    - a few modifications to cosmetics and interface, Animation preview was really bugged, needs more work
    - Ariane "More" menu option was spawning animation, removed
    - Ectofunctus xp adjustment, also made it work for double xp this report
    - fixed account PIN issue: enter correctly but you get teleported once you hit the first target
    - basic implementation for some bosses as separate handling controlled instance, will require more work
    - some improvements to rago, also added start damage cap limit and a bit of dialog changes

    Voting system: fixed Button 4, was working fine on the back-end but was not a correct value for web
[v52] Update
  • - general fix for crafting items with multiplier quantity results (needs a bit more testing)
    - small adjustment for Fletching: Shortbow should require level 1 not 5, Arrow Shaft should give 4.5xp not 5, Willow, Maple, Yew xp and lvl requirements fix, mostly item 2 and 3 were reversed as xp/lvl values.
    - fix for Pet shop owner this report
    - added infusion function at Summoning Obelisk for all 84 Summoning Scrolls
    - familiar and pet interface adjusted a bit better, closer to rs3, still need to work on those options and specials
    - basic fix for summoning Dreadfowl, will require more work
    - removed bank PIN interface until proper fix, improved a bit functionality of the bank tabs
    - Runecrafting air runes fix this report
    - Corrupted Ores, forgot to del craft item after making some changes to system this report
[v51] Update
  • - general skill dialog fix for items that require more then 3 ingredients (Infuse pouch at obelisk for example)
    - farming improvements: pillar, calquat, cactus
    - added Pottery over and Potter's wheel rs3 crafting functions and interface
    - all new items for Pottery and Potter's wheel are now available

    - you may not post on forums if you don't have a game character (avoiding spam)
[v50] Update
  • - added new cool feature progress skill bar for most of skills, may be a bit buggy as xp values are pretty high
    - fix for Dungeoneering smelting, rs3 interface and a few reported bugs fix
    - Kalphite King (KK) should not respawn until a new instance is open (will need to do the same fix for more)
    - KK will spawn less minions during fight
    - Tangle gum branches added to dungeoneering shop
    - fixed fishing, will go a bit faster
    - player crafting action should stop when you don't have enough places in inventory
[v49] Update
  • - fix for dungeoneering Fletching, hard fix, was a mess and needs proper testing
    - general fix for crafting, it should not make available items were you don't have all requirements
    - fix for fletching Mahogany stock
    - fixed Add string to crossbows, off-hand and 2 hand also
    - BoB interface fix, your pet inventory will show up as on retail
    - Brackish Blade weapon bonus stats cap to +5
    - fix for Vorago cave entrance, sry disabled by mistake
    - removed xmas event scripts, objects and npcs
[v48] Update
  • - fix for bonecrusher not auto-crushing airut bones: this report
    - fixed bonecrusher XP, it was way to high, added same formula as for burying bones
    - Portable deposit box should last for 1 hour (other portables 5 minutes) according to wiki
    - fixed Portable sawmill and Portable well, not deploying
    - made the portable sawmill and well work. The bonuses and discount while using these 2 portable objects are not implemented yet. It's not retail like, is the best I could do quick so will require more work.
    - fixed wrong item id for Runecrafter Hat in vote shop (this report)
    - fix for hooded max cap customization (this report)
    - limited Vorago entrance to max 6 players. I'll still need to do another update here, atm only one instance can run
    - fixed Vorago reset, it should use abilities even after restart
    - sry also forgot to add the spinning wheel interface fix made yesterday
[v47] Update
  • - bonus double XP for 2 days, normal weekly bonus will be on also
    - fixed annoying crafting interface bug where u had one item selected but was crafting another
    - spinning wheel interface fix and rewrote the whole system
    - made a fix for crossbow string crafting
    - coal bag will also accept filling with noted coal (I don't see why not)
    - Thurgo will not require coral crossbow anymore, instead it will ask for 2M fee
    - fixed bug where some items were giving "teleportation" error
    - forgot to apply Shadow dye item combination fix on last update
    - fix for mute/unmute mod command, will still require a bit more change but will do the job for now
[v46] Update
  • - coal bag may be now used for smelting
    - pet inventory interface fixed, will require a bit more work to be 100% like on retail
    - fix for creating Ascendri bolts and Ascension bolts
    - Shadow Dye added to Boss Shop, one requires 3.5k points and it's only used for 21 items listed here
[v45] Update
  • - fix for scattering ashes
    - Rise of the Six, Araxxor etc should award boss points at the end of fight
    - ROTS end timer set to 45 seconds and energy drop is a bit lower. False report: if u have inventory full in rots the item will not drop on the floor. It does drop and works fine.
    - fixed Cleaning Grimy Herbs in dungeoneering uses whole stack and only gives 1 clean herb. Made a check also if enough inventory slots as new clean herbs will not stack.
    - QDB fix for boss attack and fixed a few issues with map rendering
    - made a fix to improve moderator punish commands
[v44] Update
  • You may also re-use ::home and ::dz commands to exit almost anything except for dungeoneering.
    Reaper should give +1 more tasks per day.
    - rsps-list added as 5th option for voting with reward
    - fixed Forum unread/read icon for forums and topics
    - server restarted and made daily backups
    - fix for teleporting issue, some reported it makes client lag a bit when using a lot (not tested yet)
[v43] Update
  • - new better system for character backups every 5 minutes. Normal save is every minute.
    - fixed rare issue when account loading gets bugged due to file transmitting error by loading the most recent backup. Normally this will be handled trough database but that takes a few long days to finish conversions.
    - fixed rare login issue where your account may get accidentally deleted
[v42] Update
  • - fixed Potion Flasks filling, I didn't tested for all potions but it should work fine.
    - fixed vorago gfx and animations
    - vorago land-jumps should dmg player in range
    - reset vorago instance after finish or when player is not in range
    - Vorago should drop loot for each player not just for one
[v41] Update
  • - fixed titles and some bugs related to them (game titles are only available to Bronze+ members)
    - fix for reaper tasks per day, 2 for normal and 3 for members
    - fixed Vorago, it should pass the stage at the point were you can not meet the requirements after you kill it 3 times, each time his health will be bigger as a penalty
    - qbd exit door should tp out also
    - some more back-end fixes
[v40] Update
  • - restarted server for a full backup
    - fix for teleporting out of Runespan
    - fix for teleporting out of Wilderness
    - fixed Beast of Burden for most pets that allow inventory, it works but it's just basic, needs a bit of improvement on select item

    Fixes by our dev Boemba:
    - fixed reaper shop dialog, buy interface and added rewards in the shop.
[v39] Update
  • - important login fix, changing password on forums disables normal game login
    - fixed issue where your inventory and other interfaces remain locked
    - ROTS rejoin option disabled, if you die u have to restart
    - teleporting in Dungeoneering is no longer instant
    - when you finish Barrows you get teleported outside in 10 seconds
    - updated some moderator commands
[v38] Update
  • GangScape Database first release:

    It contains almost all items and npcs in game, all data was parsed from the live server.
    The porpoise of this? Well, you can find out what npc(s) drops a specific item for example.

    Server side:
    - teleporting to member zone should have a bit of delay
    - made a fix for reported zone load issues
[v37] Update
  • - fixed bug where you still can craft while your inventory is full but you get no item (no wonder why no one reported this lol)
    - fixed Dungeoneering Runecrafting (Imbue-Runes), rewrote the whole thing and added all items manually
    - fixed Dungeoneering Runecrafting (Imbue-Staff) and fixed missing definitions for the items here
    - added Slayer Master locations and Dungeoneering teleport to Ariane, may be more handy and maybe useful for new players
    - fixed world announce when reaching level 120 for combat skills
    - let's keep it clean, Grand Exchange buy/sell limited price, not less then 70% of the item value for serious offers. Also items valued lower then 10 GE can not be added. (report topic: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=391)
    Notification: Next steep will be to "ban" abusive players and not list any of their offers online, if you have a silly offer to buy or sell remove it.
    - tanner will tan all your hides at once, not one by one
    - fixed important login bug were you get server no response but server is online
[v36] Update
  • - fixed issue with Vote, Boss and Skill Task shops, topic: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=366&p=1334#p1334
    - Sirenic scales and Malevolent energies available for trade but only between players
    - Bury bones should give less XP (aprox 5x and 10x on dxp). Rate x5 is just to get some idea, the base xp values are much higher then retail
    - fixed XP for bone offering - Gilded altar (aprox 15x and 30x on dxp) and a bit higher with burners
    - fixed lootbeam min value change in Character settings
    - added some restrictions to Custom Title (eg: can't be Admin, Mod or vulgar)
    - Lottery system change: You may buy more tickets at once at a fixed price of 100k per ticket, minimum 20 tickets to start. Also the "house fee" is much more smaller.
    - fixed situation when you have to enter Pin and your character is in combat, this report: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=364
    - fixed GemBag withdraw option with input amount
    - new command for moderators. If you are a moderator check Staff Only forum.
[v35] Update
[v34] Update
  • - fixed House Butler command to bring items from bank
    - fixed this report: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=349&p=1182#p1182
    - fixed House portal in member zone and added Estate agent near to it
    - new option to move house in Memberzone (only for Members)
    - Members may have visitors to their house from any House portal. If the house is located in the member zone, visitors will exit to home portal.
    - Ariane - Dark Beasts teleport location change (by Yes)

    Fixed by Beomba:
    - fixed bones and altar issue: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=300
    - fixed altars in God Wars Dungeon

    Fixed by Zatox:
    - Fixed and added Feathers in Dungeonnering Smuggler Shop
    - Replaced Shrimp for Tuna in food shop and added Monkfish
    - Added Bolt of Clothes, Limestone bricks and Magic Stones in Orlando skilling shop. (Construction.)
[v33] Update
  • Fixes made by Zatox

    - Fixed some issues where rare item drop would show twice in the in-game chat.
    - Removed Corrupt items from the in-game chat rare drop list.

    Fixes by Boemba:

    - fixed filling vials and emptying bowl, vial, bucket

    Fixes by me:

    - fixed Muddy Chest
    - temp. removed death cost
    - removed selling limit on general shop. This extends to Smuggler shop and all other general shops.
    - fixed Sell All items option for general shop
    - General Shop items will restock 25% amount instead of 5% with each minute cycle
    - divine locations may be spawned just one per day and they will last a bit longer (fixed what I had left yesterday unfinished)
    - fixed pick up coins even if inventory is full
    - fixed small typo for npc name Raptor

    Will add a nice xmas event made by Boemba and Yes (more detals soon) and a few more important fixes.
[v32] Update
  • - added potions to Dung Smuggler Shop (by mod Zatox)
    - fixed a few item definitions for divi crafting
    - made function to log any other missing item definitions on crafting on a file
    - temp. removed daily limit for some divi crafting items
    - added a new fix to some rare login issue
    - applied some changes to yesterday update to fix bug were second player in dung can't interact with door
    - made a new command to kick all players, useful when updating
    - new weekly event should disable old event bonus
[v31] Update
  • - Divination crafting boon of all Energies (to do - give bonus). Warning: if you do a boon you'll get it like an item, no bonus!
    - fixed crafting using Flickering Energy for all items
    - fixed crafting using Bright Energy for all items
    - fixed crafting using Glowing Energy for all items
    - fixed crafting using Divination Energy for all items
    - gembag bug fix, it should check if player has bag before adding the uncut gem
    - null pointer fix for Divine Woodcutting, in case tree has no owner give message to player

    I will finish the other energies too, takes a bit of time as it's manual job and must be done without mistake.
[v30] Update
  • - fixed Amulet of souls crafting
    - Magic stock fletching
    - Boss shop items are way more expensive, instead of removing as most suggested
    - all Blisterwood weapons are now untradable
    - Warpriest items will only drop in GWD

    On web:
    - improved pagination display on GE and HS
    - changed layout of profile page on HS, will make it easy to add more data in future
    - new caching system to make data parsing faster for search suggestions

    HighScore page will update every 10 minutes after you login/logout.
    GrandExchange page will update every 1 minute.
[v29] Update
  • Latest fixes:

    - Welcome dialog for new players is reduced and I think a bit improved.
    - Grand Exchange clerk menu option fix for Show All Offers. It should open the GE web page on confirmation.
    - Restore Shop items task is now faster, previous 30 seconds is now 10 seconds.
    - Improved G (custom Group Tab) display, will show up your membership, rank, various points and active reaper, slayer or skilling tasks. This tab will refresh each 10 seconds, this delay is for performance reasons.
    - Added Grand Exchange button to Active Task tab
    - re-enabled creature random move on map, re-wrote the way some npc's should stay in initial spawn position
    - Hardcore Ironman option for death insurance and downgrade. You must talk with MrEx near Home if you are a hcim and buy Resurection coin for 20M ge. You MUST have purchase it before you die and minimum level required for this is level 1000+. Same MrEx will also give you for 100k ge an option to downgrade to Ironman, can be done until level 1000 and it's not reversible.
[v28] Update
  • Today I'm working on the visual parts:
    Server side:
    - changed a bit the welcome dialog for new players, made it shorter and I think better
    - fixing the G window (will add more values there beside play time etc)
    - fixing current task window menu or I'll remove it completely as I can simply make a command for char settings
    - train command (will also change Ariane) and if I have any time left I'll start working on coal bag and some more reported issues
    - (just for test) teleport command but available first to moderators only to be sure it won't be abused
    - new ranks: Helper, Support, Assistant and Moderator (basically a 4 steep to get to full moderator). This way we can assign more staff.
    - reputation system in game, you will be able to give + rep to anyone who's helpful, based on the best rankings we can reward each month the most helpful or popular player.
    - new command to restart server, will require full 2 moderators or one moderator and X players and the restart request will be logged. Once the requirements will be meet server will be restarted automatically in case something is stuck.

    Web side:
    - working on GE functions like Search, Sort
    - will add paginate to Highscores and some more improvements
[v27] Update
  • - fix to delay respawn for corp, evil chicken, etc (tested and should work fine, respawn time is 1 minute)
    - fixed a few login issues and incorrect error messages on login attempt
    - added a bit more debug functions on login
    - re coded whole highscores mechanism of saving data for players
    - voting may now be claimed even with 3 vote points (just in case one top is not working)
    - hardcore ironman should not be able to use web shop
    - ironman should not be able to use GE
    - fixed Hydrix ring, necklace, amulet and bracelet Smelthing.

    A few web fixes and caching for better performance:
    - added pagination to Grand Exchange page. Will also add search and a sort function.
    - caching function for GE Web page, updates every 5 minutes
    - GE: check if valid page selected
    - caching function for HighScores, all pages will update every 10 minutes
    - HS: check if valid player, valid skill or give proper error
[v26] Update
  • - released Grand Exchange + web interface for offers.
    - new command to view Grand Exchange offers ::ge

    Everything should be updating in short time on website. There may still be a bit of work in game but let's run it for a test.
    On website I'll make it look nicer and with more functions and item suggestions etc...
[v25] Update
  • - fix fletching for Dragon c'bow
    - fix max quantity should not be higher then 60, related to this report made by Hazer
    - punish commands minor bug fix

    Not applied yet:
    - finishing Grand Exchange + web interface for it. All is done, need to do a few more adjustments and basic tests.
[v24] Update
  • - rare drop announcements, fix and corrections (fix updated by Mod Zatox)
    - made a fix to correct potential negative values to skills xp
    - Bronze membership should not require 5 Bonds (2 is correct value)
    - nerfed a bit Evil Chicken's dmg
    - added back the fix to remove stupid max 10 on crafting etc
    - typo in SOF, "swamp" it should be "swap item to note" (hard fix :mrgreen: )
[v23] Update
  • (reverted)- fixed similar issues, to early respawn for some bosses like Corporeal Beast boss. New timer is set to 3 minutes.
    - applying very important old fix for creating items (somehow I forgot to add part of it and this there are some issues). I was testing on my sandbox server and everything was fine so I just thought some are fake reports lol.
    - as requested new Membership price in bonds: Bronze 2x, Silver 10x, Gold 15x, Platinum 25x, Diamond 40x
    - fixed fletching for following arrows: Broad, Dragonbane, Basiliskbane, Wallasalkibane, Abyssalbane, Dark, Fragment, Ogre Arrow. Also fixed Bronze, Iron, Steel, Black, Mithril, Adamant and Rune Brutal. This new ammo will require a bit more codding to have the proper effect.
    - forgot to mention Falconry was disabled yesterday due to a bug that replaces your main-hand item equipped. I made a fix for this but need to test it first with various weapons to be sure nothing will go wrong before re-enabling.

    P.S. I have a temp problem with my left eye so it's challenging to do fixes :)
[v22] Update
  • - made fix for better game performance, everything should run smoother
    - tried to make a new rare drop announcement (still needs a bit of adjustment, Zetox helping out)
    - temp change: Monday and Tuesday double xp
    - custom spawn npc's should not move randomly from initial position
    - re-done voting formula, you get (1 VP * Votes) + Member Bonus. You may only claim minimum 4 . Please be aware that unclaimed votes will expire every 12 hours.
    - re-enabled ROTS

    Not applied yet:
    - fix for rare drop announcements, improved list by Zatox
    - removed some bad rare drop announcements
[v21] Update
  • - testing new code for re-spawn creatures
    - added debugger to catch some rare login issue
    - removed limit of 10 for creating stackable
    - fixed willow, mapple, yew stock/shieldbow flething (was reversed)
    - added Bond exchange info on web shop and some display modifications
    - re-added Money in Highscores, will do some more functions here
    - partially rewrote voting system and integrated with other rewarding codes
    - fixed right click and "Clear tree" will remove the tree whether or not it has been cut down from the patch
    - fixed Molten glass smelthing

    Not finished:
    - fixed Boon of flickering energy creation (not working right yet)
[v20] Update
  • Applied on last server restart:

    - re-enabled dungoneering with a few modifications and a bit more debugging
    - Dragonkin lamp fix, does not give exact xp formula but a decent amount
    - visual interface fix for tool selection
    - fixed herblore interface for crafting. You may now select correct product, quantity etc. This is first steep in to doing other fixes required for potions.
    - fixed mixing defence potion (herblore)
    - when you try to create an item using skills if item definitions for material is missing u will get a notification (me also). This will help fix a few more items

    - added ::topic command. The syntax:
    ::topic ForumID TopicID open specific topic. Example ::topic 2 133 will open the Event Calendar topic from news.
    ::topic ForumID open just forum. Example ::topic 7 will redirect player to forum Guides
    Forum and Topic ID's you can take from your browser url, it's the numbers f=ID&t=ID

    - fixed url redirect message, removed / and defined some page names like "Guides", "Registration", etc
    - fixed Pickpocketing phoenix feathers (chance to grab feather) you will still have fails but less
    - small interface fix, removed long message on pick a took (Tanning)
    - interface fix, changing category will display current the actual category selected (still a bit bugged, will need more work later)
    - fixed fletching for Oak stock and Oak shieldbow (u) (were reversed)
    - general fix, creating items max quantity should be given by lowest material stock fix (applies for fletching, smithing etc)
[v19] Update
  • - added Gem Bag, it will hold 100 uncut sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond and dragonstone.
    - fishing will no longer require a tool (wrong error message)
    - divination locations on taxi for easy skilling
    - voting system adjustment, you need 4 votes be able to claim rewards
    - small fix for Bond requirements on Bronze membership
    - released new xp lamps interface and reward system
[v18] Update
  • - added lucky zamorakian spear as second option to create a chaotic spear
    - fixed string bows, when u click the bow it should open fletching interface
    - added bonds. Bonds are tradable so if you want to sell them for a bigger amount of coins it's your choice. We won't release any bonds for free in game as reward. The only option to buy one is from someone who bought one and needs coins. To upgrade your Membership you will only exchange the difference of bonds to the higher rank.
    - rewrote all reward and donation system
    - removed gp/coins from voting as reward, will add in future some lamps or other random lucky chance rewards
    - fixed highscores typo and url redirect
    - added new announcement for rare and very rare drops (testing)
    - fixed general interface for all types of skilling (smithing, smelting, crafting, fletcing, cooking etc...)
    - fixed quantity slide, you can actually adjust the quantity now by using the quantity slide bar
    - fixed cooking Sinew, Raw Meat, Raw Chicken
    - added debug option to view more bugged foods like the ones fixed
    - rewrote all burning food formula, it should burn less food in general but especially when your level is way higher then food level
    - new taxi Vyrewatch on Medium training options

    P.S. Thanks to Mod Yes for helping out with info and testing!
[v17] Update
  • - server restarted for daily backup
    - small fix to synchronize server time to game time
    - Dark Beast spawns (by Mod Yes)
    - fixed Blisterwood Tree woodcutting, will spawn a few also on map
    - fixed Blisterwood flething for blisterwood staff, polearm and stakes
[v16] Update
  • - quick server restart for a quick memory leak fix
    - applied also a fix for Highscores to support really higher values over 1500M
    - Ascension dungeon - spawned 100% by our Mod Yes

    Sorry didn't had time to do any requested fixes today, had some family event. I'll get back to work tomorrow afternoon with important improvements.
[v15] Update
  • - fixed important bug in general crafting were u have all ingredients but you may not craft, applies for most skills
    - fixed ARGONITE smithing for all items, you can find the list here
    - fixed KATAGON smithing for all items.
    - fixed GORGONITE smithing for all items.
    - fixed PROMETHIUM smithing for all items.
    - spawned Chaos dwarf battlefield area. To go there talk to teleporter > training > medium level > more > Chaos dwarfs. Thanks to Moderator Yes for helping with info on Chaos dwarf fix.
    - small change on community forums, removed a few useless forum categories. If will need more we can add :mrgreen:
    - fixed crafting for orb of armadyl so you can create Armadyl battlestaff. So if you have 100 shards of Armadyl you will be crafting the orb. If you will have less then 100 then you will craft Dust of Armadyl by Herblore.
[v14] Update
  • - fixed crafting issue for most items where default item quantity is bigger then 1 (eg: Arrow shaft is x15 but requires 1 Log )
    - fixed important bug reported by Blessdanoobs regarding Malevolent armors, crafting was not consuming plates and you could only do the head. It's been fixed and also the XP for crafting it was adjusted.
    - finished punish commands, re-coded the whole function, bridged to forums and useful for moderators.
    - disabled jail command, it is completely useless
[v13] Update
  • - fixed Grind ashes right-click option (works even without Pestle and mortar)
    - in-game command ::discord will redirect you to join our voice chat https://discord.gg/6t3EwTR
    - reverted Rise of Six change regarding Malevolent

    - crafting Spider leg (you need top, middle and bottom). Click any of the three parts to craft.
    - crafting Noxious Bow - click on Araxxi's fang to craft
    - crafting Noxious Staff - click on Araxxi's eye to craft
    - crafting Noxious Longbow - click on Araxxi's web to craft

    - recoded Thurgo menu and options:
    - Thurgo sells Reiforced plate for 500k. This is used to create Malevolent set parts.
    - Thurgo sells Algarum thread for 500k. This is used to create Sirenic set parts.
    - Thurgo sells Stone of binding for 500k. This is used to create Tectonic set parts.

    - fixed Smithing for Malevolent Helm, Cuirass and Greaves. Just buy reinforced plate from Thurgo.
    - fixed Crafting for Sirenic armor. Once you have sirenic scales and algarum thread (buy from Thurgo) a 3 menu option will popup.
    - fixed Runecrafting for Tectonic armor. Once you have tectonic energy and stone of binding (buy from Thurgo) a 3 menu option will popup.
[v12] Update
  • - Barrows tokens drop adjustment, you will get 5-15 now
    - Rise of the Six, you should get Malevolent energy drop every time
    - Thurgo, the assembler spawned near ::home. It's a temporary NPC that can be adjusted with more options.
    - Added new command to all players ::mypos to view your world coords (useful for proper bug reports)
[v11] Update
  • - command to give rewards for help (eg: Mystery Boxes reward for videos). Players will claim their reward on login or by using command ::claim
    - sent rewards to all who posted YouTube videos
    - removed subscribe button display for players who are already members
    - highscores: added basic search player function
    - forums: fixed members color display

    P.S. Sorry I'm a bit busy today also, changing some pipes in the house since yesterday, ordered a new internet connection as optic fiber finally available near my house yey. So I will get two working teams in a few minutes, I hope I will get a bit of free time to do some proper fixes when they finish installation. No internet anyway for a few good hours, just mobile :(
[v10] Update
  • - redone all code for Fletching. Most items should be available to craft now
    - (temp fix) shooting arrows/bullets will not consume the ammo
    - nerfed dmg for Chicken boss
    - changed world announcements to a 3 basic ones regarding vote, membership and highscores
    - coded automatic events, check our Events Calendar for more details
    - added Customization NPC to home location
    - spawned WildyWyrm Boss
    - Edimmu Dungeon: fixed entrance, pass barrier and spawned mobs
    Thanks to Blessdanoobs, our newest Moderator, for helping with information on the last two fixes.
[v9] Update
  • Website:
    - added Game Account and link to highscores under your Avatar display in forums
    - player profile displays now wealth (bank, inventory, equipment), total money and total wealth.
    - after last updated yesterday you will be able to sort descending the overall statistics (this will be improved also ASC/DESC)
    - Shop will let you donate for other accounts also (was requested)

    - fixed runecrafting altar in donor zone
    - temp. disabled a few bugged NPC menus
[v8] Update
  • Event:
    - We are hosting double XP event until Sunday at 23:59 server time. Have fun!

    - show total wealth and basic sort functions. Will improve soon.

    - check news topic: [PROMOTE] 1x Mystery Box for YouTube Video

    - modifications for future release of Grand Exchange (added database and a few modifications, nothing can be accessed yet).
    - Pumpkin and Easter Egg wealth values nerfed to 1798000 and 6970000
    - enabled more statistics on Highscores, will start to display once we get a bit more data
[v7] Update
  • New update:
    - enabled a new different but improved Donor Zone. Old donor zone will be used as Staff zone
    - modified the damage +boost, you should hit harder in general with all abilities
    - applied XP bonus for members: Bronze 3% Silever 5% Gold 9% Platinum 15% Diamond 20%
    - divination and mining will give double xp as before
    - fixed fishing in donor zone
    - added bank NPC at entrance in donor zone (there are a lot of bank chests also there)
[v6] Update
  • - Rules page has been updated and improved. Take a bit of time to read it.

    - added new function to check available space in your bank when claiming rewards. When you try to use ::donated if there is not enough space you will get an error message with exact number of requested free slots.

    - bank should have bigger size for members: [Slots] Gold or Higher +400, Silver + 300, Bronze +200. Todo here: add more slots to all players based on your game play time, will think of a formula.

    Regarding donations, as I read a topic on forum regarding server expenses: We are not in a any disparate need for money, the host is paid for a long time, I have my own resources to pay it for infinite time. Would like to express my thanks to all who trust in the future of this and have donated or will donate in future to support the server!


    Regarding GE and other fixes you guys requested will do my best and meanwhile will try to do other small fixes also.
    Also will make Voting more fun with a chance to win rewards. Basically with each 4 votes you claim you have a small chance to win a Mystery Box or other rewards.

    Yesterday afternoon I spend all time trying to fix a few more bugs, most updates are not yet finished. I will add more fixes tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding.
[v5] Update
  • - fixing bug where potions were lowering player damage
    - fixed situation when you get stuck after teleporting in wildy agi course
    - food will have a lower chance of getting burnt. Previous setting was +20 levels skill (official), reduced to 10.
    - made a few new test commands for Moderator only to help unstuck player
    - adjusted bury bones XP to a higher value
[v4] Update
  • New fixes:
    - Smithing in dungeon, will able to process Fractite bar and higher
    - Ironman should be able to use dungeon shop
    - Redo Forum bridge to apply as rank in game for members to be able to display Moderator and Member icon in friends chat
    - Adjusting bonecrusher and bary bones XP to a higher value
    - Fixing Split dragontooth necklace and Demon horn necklace bonus for bones (will need a little more work here)
[v3] Update
  • Fixed Warpriest sets:

    Warpriest of Saradomin
    Warpriest of Zamorak
    Warpriest of Armadyl
    Warpriest of Bandos

    The set will upgrade to Tier 2 and Tier 3 when you reach Defence level 50 and 75+.
    If you already have the set simply wear it or put in your inventory to upgrade. It should upgrade on login and when you reach skill level also.

    - new command in-game ::updates will redirect you to our Updates page
    - change password command ::changepass will redirect you to user Profile (Forum password is always same as game password).
[v2] Update
  • - ironman can no longer access Arianwyn Shop
    - fixed tanning red + dragon hides
    - fixed tick damage for the following spells: COMBUST, FRAGMENTATION SHOT, DEADSHOT, SLAUGHTER, MASSACRE and DISMEMBER
    - fixed some important memory leaks to improve performance
    - ironman should not be able to trade
    - PartyPete NPC temp. disabled
    - OrlandoSmith removed dialog to open shop, easier to access

    I started working on reported bugs, this are some quick fixes and server needs a restart for backup.
[v1] Update
  • Server has been released.

    - enabled trade between players (except Ironman and hcim). New players may not trade for first hour.
    - command ::changepass will redirect to your forum profile. Game password is same as forum password.
    - fixed a few memory leaks in source code
    - reorganized internal commands and management rights
    - fixed Reaper, it was not assigning new tasks
    - Fixed bank tabs
    - Fixed issue when opening bank was disabling hot keys
    - Highscores fix (was not displaying correct membership rank for players higher then Bronze)
    - enabled Double XP and Double VP until Sunday 23:59 PM
    - fixed NPC Aubury (was giving error on dialogue).
    - added special moderator rank management with forum bridge (easy management tool)
    - opening a bank heals you 100%
    - fixed issue that was disabling hot-keys when opening Bank and Treasure Hunt
    - banning - forum bridge. In other words getting banned on forums also applies in game.
    - fixed Mute command for staff
    - Highscores also show your money as total coins amount.
    - opening a bank heals you 100%
    - fixed issue that was disabling hot-keys when opening Bank and Treasure Hunt
    - banning - forum bridge. In other words getting banned on forums also applies in game.
    - fixed Mute command for staff
    - Highscores also show your money as total coins amount.
    - Welcome dialog for new players, Option to choose: Normal mode, Ironman or Hardcore Ironman
    - Forced everyone to join GangScape chat if they do not set other chat