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It's leo, just making a guide for anyone who wants to play the game like oldschool runescape!
well it has a name, called Legacy mode
To view the images right click the image icon and click open in new tab

First thing your gonna want to do is go into your settings and then click game settings
Secound in general gameplay click Legacy mode
last thing is go to controls and down in camera type click classic
and that's how to get into legacy mode the complete way!
hope this helps you guys out
Love ~ Leo
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Made those in a rush before releasing the server, any other suggestions are welcome.
Here is a Guide on the Newly released Grand Exchange. ...
This list is still under development and it's just temporary. We will have a proper wiki/guide page soon.

To use a command in game simply enter ::COMMAND
The list contains command and alias or the shorter version, any will work.

- list of in-game commands

/MESSAGE - send message in [Gangscape] general chat
::yell MESSAGE - send yell message, everyone can see it
::website - open in browser
::updates - opens Updates web page
::discord - opens Discord invitation to our channel for text, shoutbox and voice chat

::home - teleport to start location

::ge - opens Grand Exchange offers list web page

- show list of players online

- teleport to Members zone (members only)

::blueskin - change skin blue (members only)
::greenskin - change skin green (members only)

- report a player or a game bug

::lottery - current lottery pot size and tickets sold

- claim Bonds purchased from web shop. Check your bank after.

::claim - claim special rewards for guides, videos, important but report, etc. This type of rewards are given by Admin only.

- claim your VP (voting points) after you voted. You must have minimum 3 VP for this to work.

- display current amount of VP. This points may be used in Voting shop (near home)

- shows your current loyalty points

- your current kills, deaths and kill death ratio

- shows your current play time

::uptime - display server uptime. Not really important, we restart the server every day to make backups.

- current Skilling task and progress

- current Reaper task and progress

- will display your current position in world. This will mostly be used to report broken objects etc.

::empty 1 - use this to empty your bag, requires correct syntax followed by 1 for confirmation. Items lost with command usage are not recoverable!

Url open commands:

::topic FORUM_ID TOPIC_ID - opens a specific topic on forums. This topic for example is ::topic 7 1026 Just read the numbers after equal sign in your browser (f=7&p=1026)
::topic FORUM_ID - opens a forum category, news for example is ::topic 2

- open forum web page

::vote - voting page

::rules - open server rules page

- redirects to this forum, Guides

- open the Highscores web page

- web store page

- opens forum User Panel. Here u can set up a new password. Forum password is the same as game password.

::register - open forum registration page (if you want to register a second account)
To get the trimmed version you need to complete the following:

250 Dagannoth Kings
100 ROTS
100 Corporeal Beast
100 Kalphite King
100 Kalphite Queen
50 King Black Dragon
50 Queen Black Dragon
50 Commander Zilyana
50 General Graardor
50 Kree'Arra
50 K'rill Tsutsaroth
50 Legiones
20 Nex
20 Arraxor
20 PVP kills
7 Days playtime

Good luck!

Checking boss kills:
Advanced Sirenic Scales Farming

  1. 81 Slayer Minimum (92 Recommended)
  2. Cannon
  3. Vampyrism Aura
  4. 92 Prayer Minimum for Soulsplit
  5. Chaotic Rapiers+ / Chaotic Crossbows+
  6. Bonecrusher and Demonhorn Necklace


First location: Ascension Dungeon - 81 Slayer - Cannon - Crossbows - Vampyrism Aura - Soulsplit
To get to the Ascension Dungeon use Ariane at home, then select "Bossing Locations - More - More - Ascension Dungeon"

Activate Vampyrism Aura and Soulsplit prayers. Place cannon down within the area marked red on the map, remember to pick up all keystones, Ascension Grips "T90 Range DPS Gloves" and enjoy those Sirenic Scales!

Second Location: Airuts - 92 Slayer - Chaotic Rapiers - Vampyrism Aura - Soulsplit "Turmoil Recommended also" - Bonecrusher + Demonhorn Necklace

To get to Airuts, use Ariane at home, then select "Training Locations - High-Level - Airuts"

Activate Vampyrism Aura and Soulsplit Prayers "Turmoil also if you have it" Personally I find legacy mode is best for Airuts over EoC. Remember to pick up all Razorback Gauntlets "T90 Melee DPS Gloves" Skilling Supplies and enjoy those Sirenic Scales!

If you have any questions or would like to add any suggestions feel free to contact me Ingame @ Pvm Karl / Hc Karl
Okay, so the fight starts off when you enter. Phase 1 begins once he's done chanting to his minions.

Phase 1 = protect from magic (soulsplit optional also optimal)

Deal damage to nex until she reaches 192K/200K hp and this time nex is invulnerable and you must dps the first minion down.

While damaging the minion nex will randomly warp you to her and also drop any protection prayers along with disable them for a short period of time.

Phase 2 starts when the 1st minion dies.

Phase 2 = protect from range ALWAYS

During phase 2 nex hits you relatively hard with ranged attacks, all while spawning black circles at your feet, that explode for 1-4k dmg after 3 seconds, to avoid that simply move.

After nex is down to 185k/200k hp she will become invulnerable again, and you must kill 2nd minion.

After you kill the 2nd minion phase 3 begins

Phase 3 = protect from mage (soulsplit optional also optimal)

At the start of this phase nex will start a blood siphon, healing any incoming damage 100% amount. Simply don't attack nex during the siphon to avoid healing her.

When nex says "I demand a blood sacrifice" over her head, you need to run away (also use surge to get the distance) otherwise nex hits you for 1-2k typeless dmg, and heals it.

After you get nex to 175/200k hp you must kill the 3rd minion.

After the 3rd minion is dead phase 4 begings

Phase 4 = protect from mage (soulsplit optional also optimal)

During phase 4 nex will freeze you and surround you with ice blocks. Just make sure you have anticipation on or ready to use the freedom ability, that way you won't take the 7k+ dmg while being in the ice, and if nobody is there to break you out, you'll want to not take that damage.

Once you get nex back down to 175k (because she heals after 3rd minion) she will become invulnerable and you will need to kill the last (4th) minion.

After the last minion dies, nex goes into phase 5, zaros phase, alternating between protect from melee, protect from range, and soulsplit. also nex goes back to full hp.

At this time you just dps nex down and claim your kill.
In you're time on Gangscape you might have come across one of these:

How to acquire one:

Randomly getting one after a boss kill(any boss that gives boss points)

50 boss points each at the boss point shop

Possible loot(from worst to best):
PS: numbers were gotten from limited testing
All of the items share the same chance, therefore 1/13 for a specific type

Rune arrows 30-70

Dragon arrows 400-700

Ascension bolts 50-120

Battlestaffs 30-70

Grimy torstols 30-50

Death runes 500-800

Blood runes 500-800

Sharks 30-70

Rocktails 50-100

Rocktail soups30-70

Dragon bones 30-70

Prayer renewal flasks 30-70

Prayer flasks 30-70


Loot from 1000 boxes to show possible loot

If you have any suggestions, leave them below.
Note:I'm making this guide just for the sake to help noobs!, Maybe it's wrong, maybe there's a better one but I'm just doing my best, PLEASE no complaining as me myself is a noob(I wear warpriest and chaotic, no bandos/drygore/male), But I'm making this part just to help noobs reach what I've and beyond, I will make part 2 for the stuff after when I reach them so I can be 100% correct! I hope you guys like it!

Hello and welcome to my first guide in my whole life!(Yup it's my first guide ever), In this guide I will be helping you guys in a lot of stuff you will need, I will cover most of things u will need and you will encounter and I will try to explain some stuff you may not understand! Even if you are noob even to RS3, u will understand it as this will be simplified, if u have any other questions ask me in comments! I will do my best!
This is going to be a long guide, over explained, with some side talking to make it fun and not boring, this guide must be followed as I said no skipping, it will harm you, skip if you know what you're doing, as I've explained everything I can explain,couldn't explain everything I don't have unlimited time for this,
Red Italic Bold Sentences: Side talking supposed to be said by the newbie a way to make it funny, skip them if you wanna, it just impersonates the newbie and makes this as if a real journal
Small italic sentences: These are for the Runescape Newbies, it helps them to know what to do cuz some people who are ftp(like me), start this and it becomes their real rs3 experience, so I'm trying to make them understand,
skip it if you know how to do, if u don't then you have those.
Dark Blue Italic Bold Sentences:Notes just to keep noted about something, it's to correct things or to make sure you know, or to tell you, don't skip them they're important.

Act 1:My first steps in the world of GangScape!
You: I've just started GangScape, it's pretty nice server! People are friendly, The place has a great atmosphere, I feel like I'm going to have a great journey in this server! I've been thinking that this server is going to be hard, but all the people in here tell me otherwise, I will see it by myself! I will start training! I will see if I can train to be strong on just some mere spiders! I heard they say in this world, Every fight you win makes you stronger! makes you more experienced! So lets start! Oh yea I should equip some gear before going! Oh look at that bag! It has some nice gear!!
First thing you should do once you start this server is simple! First thing you should do is, To open your backpack and equip equipment depending on your fighting style
(Hover your mouse over the The Sword and Shield in the left bar and then click on the bag), Then equip whatever you are going to use Ranged/Melee/Magic(When I started the server I used melee I'm not sure if the spiders are going to block your ranged/magic attacks or not as I never tried),and now you're ready for fights! TIP: If you're newbie to Runescape 3, don't use magic, it will be hard cuz of runes, I wont be able to teach that here it will be so LONG,Also if you are newbie to Runescape 3 and you don't know how to use Abilities, and you don't like them switch to Legacy, I wont say as I want to appreciate the hard work of a fellow mate in the server who has made a guide about how to do so, Check it out it will tell you how, There will be no abilities and it will be a little bit different as not everything I say would be like ur interface, it will be exist but in another way
Now, talk to Ariane(That hot brunette that you like c;), She's a teleporter, she teleports you to alot of useful locations, makes life easier so you don't walk! After talking to her, press Training Locations, Choose Low-Level and choose Spiders, you will teleport to the location of spiders, Now all you have to do is easy, Kill spiders(left click them), Until you're level 60 in Defense/Attack and Strength(If you're melee/60 Magic(if you're mage)/60 Ranged(if you're ranged),(Yup 60, trust me tho spiders are pretty low leveled they're better than other locations),
When you start the game you start with experience delivered balanced between Strength/Attack/Defense if you're melee, Magic/Defense if you're mage, Ranged/Defense if you're ranged, if u want to change them, Press the 3 Wisps(3 white balls under the compass), Press Combat Settings and choose from XP selection,
Notes: Don't change your equipment from the shop when you reach levels, Like if you reached lvl 10 don't go buy bronze, You wont need them, as spiders don't really deal dmg,and even if they do it's low, and if you died just respawn and repeat, You will rarely die, Just keep grinding to 60, don't buy anything till then.
And now congratulations! You're level 60 in your combat style! You've done a great till now, Now it's time to prepare for the next!, You have now 100k, you should vote! You vote by doing ::vote and then go to websites to vote to get 500k gold and to support this amazing server!(The gold WILL matter, also vote in the 4 to get 500k)
To vote, you should do ::vote, then Press "Yes,please", then enter your Game Account name(The name you log in with), Press Start Vote, And now press Vote 1,Vote 2,Vote 3,Vote 4 and do all captchas and vote successfully! you must vote in the 4 websites to get 500k.
And now, you've voted, Now type in chat ::voted, a global message will be sent for your support! And you will receive 4 vote points!(You've made the server better now! 1 rank higher in each website!), Now You should've returned to Priffdinas, if you didn't then you should!
Press on the H next the minimap, A green circle inside it a Diamond Sphere, it's name is Prifddinas, Now wait till it teleports!.
After you teleport to Priff, go to a man wearing green robe, He's the vote merchant, Click on Vote shop 2 when u click on him, And buy the gold. 500k for 4 points. (If u can't find him search I'm pretty sure he's there, near the lodestone)
You: Wow man! I've done great! It feels refreshing! It feels like I'm 60x times better than I used to! Specially this equipment it's GREAT! aw man! I love this place! There's still much to do! Uh lets see, I've heard some stories about a dangerous dungeons located in this world! Scary! yet great! I think I should go there and try it, it seems I'm strong enough!
Act 2:The Dark Dungeons and their nightmares!
And now you're strong enough to do Dungeoneering(Check Wikia if you don't know what it's), You should talk to Ariana, choose Training Locations, Choose Dungeoneering, You will be teleported to the location of Daemonheim, Now walk upto the place(a temple I think idk), Remove all your equipment,
Press on the Helmet next to the bag in the location I've said before, and remove all your equipment by left clicking them
And now talk to the Banker, Put all your equipment inside,
Left click on everything inside your bag when the bank opens
And now walk upto Dungeon Entrace(it looks like a tunnel), and talk to it and choose all the settings,
Choose the first thing you see, Floor 1, Complexity 1, Everytime you choose click on it again and a new menu will appear,

You: Wow man, this place is AWESOME! this place has made me love this world! it's like a different world! Where I can do what I want! What I love! And I love exploring! Specially dangerous dungeons! Serious sam comes to life man! In a better way! What did they call it? Uuuuhh.. Dun.. Dungeoneering! Hmm it looks great from inside, do I go inside from this tunnel? Lets try! Ugh!! My equipment can't let me inside! I can't fit! Ok then! I'm going to give that man my gear, I hope he doesn't steal it, Everybody gives his equipment to this man I can trust him, People say there's equipment inside!, It feels like I gotta start over from 0 every time! Man that's cool! UTTER COOL! it's like playing a survival game like Last Man Standing! new gear every match! they say later on I get to make my OWN handcrafted gear!!! AWESOME!, Lets go!!
And now you're inside the dungeon, all you have to do is, Open your Backpack and then bind a weapon of your choice(Depends on your fighting style), You can only bind 1 at the beginning so choose your favorite or your main! Once you progress later you should bind more.
You bind by right clicking the item and choose Bind xxxx

And now you've done that, equip the equipment you like, you can equip what you've binded, And now clear the dungeon, also take some food just incase.
Note:Stay on Complexity 1 till floor 30, if you don't understand what I said then ignore that, Once you reach floor 30, go complexity 6, map size medium, no guide mode it's bad, also skip mobs, no need to kill them except if it's a guardian door.
If you don't know how to clear dungeons, it's easy, All you have to do is keep going through rooms and clearing them and getting keys to open other doors, Kill bosses, if it's hard and there are things you don't understand like puzzles, google it or check wikia, As there are hella stuff I couldn't do without wikia, puzzles are not
understandable that much, I wont be able to explain entire dungeoneering in here, it will take HOURS, sorry!.

Now you've finished your first floor, you should leave through Exit-Dungeon, and then enter again, choose floor 2, complex 1(You've left cuz if u continued normal u would keep increasing complexity), Keep it on, stay clearing floors till you find a diving skinweaver at floors 10-25, Your next training station!
To know what floor you're in there should be a ring in your bag, click on it, You will find Floor: 15.
(If you didn't find divine skinweaver, keep repeating any floor from 10-25 till u find, chances of not finding it is so DULL)
In each floor there's a chance of a boss, whenever a divine skinweaver boss appears, there will be another thing you should do, First choose which experiences you would love to train, cause you will train in here, and once you reach the skinweaver, it will be different, there are no bosses it's like a minigame, Where you should block tunnels so the skeletons stop spawning, so u can kill them without spawning again WAIT! DON'T BLOCK!, we're playing it differently, We aren't blocking, we will let them spawn so you must turn Retaliation On, so you keep farming them.
It's automatically turned on when you make the account, so if you don't know what I mean just don't care.
And now afk there and train, it gives 3k or 9k exp, it will help alot,
All you have to do is, equip wtever you want to train and keep your character there to train you can even afk as it will go to kill mobs by itself, Till level 80, Yes 80, from 60 to 80, it's a MUST, Melee:Attack/Defence/Strength // Mage: Magic/Defence // Ranged: Ranged/Defence, You should even make all of them level 80, even if it's something you're not maining, just for combat levels and for later use, TIP: Make magic 87, so u get to have Enchant lvl 6, Which will help you make Amulets,Rings and necklaces(SPECIALLY Amulet of souls) later on, this is only for pros tho, if you're a noob, check what amulet of souls is, as by then you would be pro, and would be able to make it as it's SO HARD to make, anyways if u reached lvl 80, finish the dungeon by blocking the tunnels once she says a sentence(I don't remember but there were multiple ones with one of them in it the word "Smite",
it all means close the tunnel, once she says block 1 and wait till she says again).

Anyways, you're now level 80, pro eh? nope, not yet there's a LONG journey awaiting for you, Now continue till you are at floor 29, no stop, no rest, no pain no gain dude, Once you're floor at floor 29, you should bind more equipment as you're able now, bind like another armor parts, I don't know how much more but bind what you want(Recommended:chestplate),once you've binded, once you found yourself at floor 30, get the hella out of the dungeon NOW!
To get out you will a stairs called dungeon exit, Click on it and climb it up and click on the arrow,
Good boy, You're now at floor 30, now the hardest time in dungeoneering starts, a living hell you will never forget, Now talk to portal again, this time choose Floor 30, Complexity 6, And a new thing which's map size, choose Medium,no guide mode, And now when you get inside you wont find the usual op gear u get, u will find wtever u binded, equip them, (TIP: You should start training any skill available or most of them, it gives a nice headstart for runecrafting, and specially Smithing, also herblore for drops, and praying from bones and firemaking/fletching from buying or from drops, if u don't understand then ignore but trust me you should try to understand as it will help you alot, it may ruin alot of your runs! please do what I said for your own sake, Level up to lvl 60 in these skills, or maybe less, depending on the skill, also fishing if possible),
Keep doing these floors, the living hell till floor 40, once you reach it, get out, You will be obviously lvl 80+ dungeoneering and have 300k+ tokens, also YOU CANNOT SKIP THAT! IT'S A MUST TO BE A PRO, MAN! It's hard ik, just do it, Also if you're a noob and you're going like "DUDE I CANNOT FINISH IT! I CANNOT OPEN DOORS WHAT I DO WHAT I DO MAN WHAT I DO!", then repeat it, cuz u prolly unlucky or didn't do what I said about skilling, keep repeating till u find a one that doesn't require skills u don't have, to repeat, leave and go inside as u choose all I said.

Now, if you've done floor 40, and finished finally, congratz! You're not still pro tho lelz, you've passed one of the hardest things you will encounter and soon you wont be a noob, just a small step and you will be welcomed to the REAL experience, now, once you're out, You will find a coward standing in the middle of the room down, cowering in fear, he's named Rewards Trader, now talk to him and keep going down in the shop, till u find the chaotic weapons(awessommeee), Now buy the gear depending on your playstyle, if you're melee I advice buying Rapier and off-rapier, and if you're ranged/magic and don't know what to do, don't ask me cuz i'm melee, I'm bad at ranged/magic so hard :3, and if you cannot buy them, then you didn't reach floor 40 and u wanted to skip which I TOLD U IS BANNED! SKIPPING IS BANNED! I'M TRYING TO MAKE IT EASIER AS MUCH! DON'T SKIP CUZ IT'S A M U S T, if it's not I would've said, kid. and now buy.
You:man, I'm done, I'm really done with life, THIS WORLD IS SO HARRRRRRRD!, IT'S A LIVING HELL DUDE! WHEN I STARTED I LOVED IT! I WAS LIVING IT, BUT THE LAST 10 FLOORS WERE HELL! I SPENT HOURS AND HOURS DOING IT! MAN I HATE MY LIFE! IT JUST BECAME HARD OUT OF NOTHING AT FLOOR 30! I HAD TO USE WEAPONS I CREATED! I HAD TO TEST MY SKILLS! AS IF THE DUNGEONS MEASURED MY SKILLS AS LEVELS! AS IF I WAS IN A VIDEO GAME! dude, this is amazing, u may say I've bipolar disorder BUT I LOVE IT NOW! IDK WHY! LOL! anyways, some dude said that he wants to do dungeons for some gear named Chaotic, I don't know what's this, they say it's the 2nd best weapons ingame, idk idk, I think I can buy them, I feel like I've enough things to buy them, I should check that cowering man over there, poor him he probably grew a phobia due to reaching floor 30, oh nice! I can buy them! Lets buy them if so!.. Wow, just wow! THESE WEAPONS ARE SO EPIC! IT FEELS LIKE ALL WHAT I DID WAS PAYED! I'm happy! I'm EXTRA HAPPY! it's amazing, too amazing! It's the best day in my life! It feels like I'm so strong and cool! I should go get myself some armor now!
Act 3: A No More Newbie
You: Hmm.. Lets see I should buy some new gear! I don't know exactly what I should buy, wait lets see that man, ugh he keeps shouting in loud voice! it would be spamming if ingame! well well well, lets see his gear, ooo! I like that gear he says it's made of Rune? no idea what's that, it's all good, better than the others, I should buy it! wow man these are pretty heavy yet strong! Ouch! I tried hitting myself! my hands hurt! really really hurt owww ;-;. And now I'm ready I should go see what I should do next!
You should return to Prifddinas now, After returning with your new chaotic, people will go like:"that dude has a chaotic, he's 100% not a newbie, he's cewl,", Don't go boasting with them cuz they're not drygore or some op shit, anyways,
You should now go to a man called: "Arianwyn,The combat master", he keeps talking, advertising what he has, go to and talk to him and then click "Show me your melee supplies" even if you're ranged, trust me you should do what I say, as we don't want combat style-based gear now, we want some defense that can make us do what were going to do fast and quick, and now buy Rune Armour Set(lg), and open it.

If you don't know how then to open a armour set, you go to any Grand Exchange Cleric , they stand nearby Bankers in Prifddinas, right click them and press Sets Grand Exchange Cleric, and now in your inventory right click the set and press open or wtever cuz I forgot :3,
After opening it equip your gear, also take some alot of shrimps from bank(they're not useful, they can be a little bit practical, u wont die alot, it will be fast, cuz u may not even get harmed, just take some if u don't like it, like me, u should go train fishing! a whole new deal, it will take some time IK IK, if u don't know how ignore this).

You: aw man! some guy named Zed who claims himself a shadow ninja or something like that, or someone who knows "people" in governoment, claims he's Donald Trump of this server, he boasts alot with his girlfriend named Synpai-chan, that girl looks like a guy though, are they g-? nvm, it will be offending, better than my no girlfriend, alone4ever, anyways he told me to do god wars dungeon, loot their equipment, the equipment of the minions of the gods! man that's going to be cool! enter a battle between gods! I wish to fight a god! he told me I'm still so weak for so, and I cannot even kill their commanders, he told me one day I will get to fight his dream girl Commander Zileana(it's Zilyana ik, I'm just making a reference XD), he says she's so hot that guys stand in lines to die from her! I'm not into this though, I want to kill her! One day I will, anyways lets GO!
Now you're ready, talk to Ariana the Brunette, and choose Bossing Locations, and then Godwars dungeons, Once you arrive there, climb down the hole.
Now this is gonna be a little different, all you have to do is easy, find a low hp monster, hit it and assist in killing it and take the drop, it will drop some cool gear called Warpriest of XXXX XXXX, take them and equip them, it's easy no hardwork, nothing hard, keep doing so till u have a complete set, fight who fights you, also try to wear a full set, or atleast a 3 parts of a set, like full warpriest of zamarok/bandos, or 3 parts of zamarok and 3 parts of bandos, or 3 parts Saradomin and 3 parts of Armadyl.

You: wow man, these dungeons were pretty easy yet they payed alot! this new gear is so cool! it works with all gear! It feels amazing! It feels like I'm not a noob anymore! It feels like my real journey started! wow I'm really happy! I should start to do what next! there's still alot awaiting!!!
Epilogue:The Day a Hero was born!
See! It's easy, once you've done it and got this gear, gratz you've officially completed my guide, you're no longer a noob, u have chaotics, warpriest. That's actually strong and great!
And now you've done all the beginning parts, now for some real life action stuff, what you should do now is,
First train your praying to lvl 92(For soulsplit), Fishing to lvl 76(for sharks), magic to 87(for enchant lvl 6), Crafting to 90(for amulet of fury and berserker necklace and regen bracelets),cooking to 80(to cook sharks),herblore to 76 (for super potions), all of this just to be extra strong to be able to do real godwar dungeons, Which I cannot explain after that as I've not passed all of that, most of them, still have praying/herblore/crafting. I don't know how to train them I'm still learning as you guys! As I'm saying all I have.

After you do Godwars, go get drygore, by doing Kalphite King, which wont be that hard if u have all what I said, if it's hard you should get Amulet of souls
After that I don't really know.. I didn't reach all of that, there are still malevolent gear I think, and some other gear parts, it wont be easy.
All in all I want to say all the readers, I hope you appreciate what I have done, And I hope I'm not getting any hate, if there's anything wrong or something or questions or etc.. tell me in comment! I've done my hard! I put all my information in this, hours.. Anyways this wont be easy, I've typed alot ik, I tried to joke and not make that serious, I'm trying to explain every bit even to very newbies, I want everybody to be welcome! I want it to be a newbie-friendly, I may have written alot but that's for sake of understanding, it's not that much though it's just you see it like that, I'm just trying to do something good, if u don't like it cuz it's much then make one and make it short, and I bet somebody wont understand it as much as this, I'm trying to keep no questions, to make the newbie satisfied, so he doesn't have to ask people who wouldn't answer him or wait for me to reply.
Ingame Tips:Everyday there's an event, I don't remember them all, Monday has Double Dungeoneering points, From Friday to Sunday, there's a double exp. Ask people ingame to tell you! that's why I recommend to do dungeoneering in weekends, maybe on normal days though.
Special thanks to: Air! for providing me on improvements and fixes on this guide. he did say alot of essential things!, ask him too if u don't know what to do he's more experienced than me :P
:D go to Training-High-Jadinkos then walk to Jadinko males (Best)
2nd Place is barrows they give lot of elites (Best)
3rd Option is to get 80 construction make aquarium This is not in current version right now but when 876 comes
(Best) out and releases use Option 3 and every week use your aquarium you will need to make diving suit to open the chest i will give you items to make below V
5 bronze bars
1 fishbowl
1 telescope lenses.

Option 4, is God-wars 1 i do recommend that you have full warpirest or tier 70-90-80 (Extra)
Armor/weapons minimum 86prayer-maximum-92/95 prayer if you dont have those then use normal prayers till you get to them levels i will pinpoint which boss requires each prayer below V

Now if you wanna camp at The God Wars Bosses for the elites/armor/weapons i do suggest you level up your prayer to 95+ so you can soulsplit all the way. Good Armor is recommended like warpriest or tier 70/75 or 80-90

[Important Note] Do not Camp with Chaotics or elso they will waste out during the camp and you will be Weaponless

Kreearra-Pray range
Commander Zilyanna-Pray Mage/melee
General Graardor-Highly recommended Always pray Melee

Option 5 is Corperal Beast HIighly important that you have/earn a Zamorakian Spear And do have Warpriest Armor and Also 92 Prayer for low levels that wanna do corp be sure to bring prayer pots and have have curses like deflect from magic which is level 86 prayer

and last but least steel Dragons/Bronze/irons/Mithrils (Best)

I do Suggest you get better combat stats before going for mithril dragons

For low levels that haven't got 92Prayer use anti fire dragon shield with tier 80+ or tier 75/70 weapon with lots of food

Enjoy Elite Hunting By MvPSinister Pm me for anymore questions or regards :)
Aquarium Room in your house Will be released with 876 build/version so then you can do Option 3.

(Note)This is only for when 876 version comes out.
For those who don't know how to Make the Aquarium in your house you need 63 construction first once you have that
go home then walk to house portal then enter building mode and click on the white door then right click and build->Aquarium option Will Be there After you made the room you can enter the Aquarium and then you will be in your Aquarium and underwater and see the chest i do require you to get 80 construction cause then you can make diving suit which is 80+ once you made the suit you can open the chest (Note)This is only for when 876 version comes out.